[PANN] 161202 BTS's stage is f***ing cool

wow their "FIRE" stage was f***ing cool... respect

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Response +507 -86

1. I'm from another fandom but BTS's stage was really cool. Jimin is a great dancer by the way +102 -4

2. I felt my face flushing when he exposed his back during the stage +88 -2

3. who is that guy with the cover around his eyes?  +80 -1
ㄴ it's Jimin ㅠ 3:33, Perfect Man. Seriously his dance is awesome
ㄴit's Jimin 

4. this part too ♡ +29 -2 

5. I wonder how long they practiced to dance in sync like that...? +27 -0

6. this was really amazing. BTS brought 100 dancers with them. They looked sexy because of the sweat and Taehyung was so cute when he got excited during the "wow wow wow" part ❤ +21 -0

7. (covers my mouth) ㅇ<-< +20 -0

8. Strong power thank you♡ +17 -0

9. wow I'm from another fandom but seriously BTS's stage was the best today. when Jungkook was on that swing, Jimin covering his eyes, V exposing his back...it was really sexy. Especially V...seriously I thought I was going to nosebleed +14 -0

10. they worked really hard... we know how much they worked hard so I'm so happy about today and their performance was amazing ㅠㅠㅠ I love you BTS +14 -1

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