[PANN] 161202 Who are the best rappers among idols?

Zico Jooheon Bobby Song Minho Rap Mon

I think there are many talented rappers among idols but the above idols are the ones who have the talent to become a successful rapper. I don't think there's any idol who could be better than them...

Please tell me other talented idol rappers in the comments
The real talented ones and not the idols you support.. I want to listen to them

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Response +201 -63

1. Suga +393 -118

2. Rap Mon's for English rap and Suga's diction is amazing +348 -94

3. Suga... +328 -95

4. It's Suga for me. I listened to their Cypher and honestly Suga impressed me more than Rap Mon. This is just my opinion. So I always listened to his new songs. Cypher or mixtape +112 -12

5. I can clearly hear Suga's rap +110 -12

6. Suga's rap is f*cking fast but his  pronunciation is awesome. You can understand what he's saying without reading the lyrics +97 -5

7. Suga and Rap Mon +85 -3

8. Honestly, I personally think Suga is a good rapper... he's my style... +70- 5

9. I think BTS is only beaten to death on PANN ㅋㅋㅋ My big brother is a hip hop fan and he listens to all BTS Cypher tracks. It's like he must listen to them. He was so happy recently because they released part 4 this time. I'm not really into rap so I don't know what's good and what's bad but anyway I just wanted to comment here because BTS is hated unnecessarily here +59 -8

10. Suga. Some people look down on him but I don't know why... it depends on one's preference but I think Suga is talented +45 -3

11. Please listen to Suga's mixtape track "last" and "724148"!! It'd be nice if you listen to his entire mixtape♡ +42 -2

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