[PANN] 161203 I'm from another fandom but you guys really need to leave BTS alone

Many of you wanted me to prove my fandom
I'm a fan of TVXQ and JYJ. I recently purchased rise as god but I gave it to my friend to get it signed for me.. at least flower is my most recent album.. I hope you will refrain from talking about my idol because this year was a loud year for themㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

You guys slandered them after MMA but I really didn't expect you guys to attack them after MAMA saying things like they don't deserve the award, etc.

You guys are trying to slander them by mentioning previous winners, comparing BTS to them and then say things like "Did BTS succeed like them~?"
Even my idol is one of the singers mentioned by you and honestly I don't like it. Don't use other idols to mock others.... seriously were there any other group who was popular enough to put their name on UK Chart and Billboard chart this year? From a video I saw on Facebook, the members looked so happy to win the award. I mean, do you really have to pressure them and say things like "this award is too big for you".

No, I think you guys don't even have the intention to congratulate them, right? 
You just want to slander them by saying "how could they give the "Artist of the Year" award to such group~~~??". But karma will get you. If you don't want to hear such negative comments when your own idol wins the award, you need to show respect to another group's winning too. Why don't you realize this?

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1. UK chart is important because MAMA is not only voted by Koreans. This proves the popularity of BTS in overseas +203 -33

2. Entering the international music charts mean a lot. Has your own idol entered the UK Chart or the Billboard Chart? Was it that easy? +328 -96

3. the most ridiculous accusation was their "attitude problem"ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.. they took a screenshot of that moment when they were standing straight and said "tsk tst as expected from BTS" +304 -69

4. I'm a light fan and almost a muggle... people around me are mostly muggles in their 20s... but if you look at the muggle 20s' reaction to this year's boy idol songs, "Blood Sweat & Tears" received the most responses (another song would be Dancing King?) muggles like them because the song is sexy. and the voting wasn't everything too. I think BTS really made an impact to the public. +90 -20

5. IKR ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm from another fandom too and my idol won the Daesang as well. I can prove it too. I think Twice, BTS and EXO all deserved the Daesang. They're equally cool but I was so shocked after reading the PANN posts. People were praising Twice and EXO but why are they slandering only BTS? Those hateful posts and comments took over the top post rankings and I can't help paying attention to BTS because of your hate. My singer has nothing to do with BTS and they're not even mentioned by my idol but yet I'm beginning to like them. I want to ask this to the haters. Will you guys stop slandering them if BTS won the album or the song of the year award? I think you would hate them more. You would compare the sales volume with E*O and then say "what is Blood Sweat & Tears? I've never heard it". Can't you just congratulate them? I think EXO really sold many albums this year than any other artist, Twice continuously brought hit songs and BTS's album had great quality. Personally, I was surprised after listening to their songs from the album. I think all three of them deserved their award. I knew you'd say I'm cosplaying as another fandom so I'm going to post my proof here. Let's just congratulate every group and not pull other group's hair. +51 -0

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