[PANN] 161204 I sincerely apologize to BTS V and ARMYs.


The above link is my apology letter on Twitter. I hope you could RT so more people could see this.

Hello. I'm the OP of "BTS V who made a homophobic comment" on Nate PANN Talkers' choice.
Around 3am yesterday, after watching the viral video of V on Twitter I posted a distorted post which wasn't true thereby affecting V's image and BTS V received various slandering from many people.

I'm sincerely sorry to BTS members, V himself, and their fanclub ARMYs who were hurt by this incident. If I summarize the post, I watched a fancam video of V which was uploaded by a fan and in that video, V said "when you grow up, your mental state is going to be quite... perhaps you like guys...". I thought this was a homophobic remark and I wrote a post about this. However, although what V said did not cause any problem, my post created the issue and many people were incited by my post and began to criticize and attack V.
I think V would have been extremely hurt by my one deceiving post, therefore, I sincerely apologize. Also, I sincerely apologize to ARMYs who read my post at night.
I have deleted the issue post and I also informed the Twitter account who uploaded this video. 
I will be careful to not cause a problem like this again in the future.
I cannot comfort all the ARMYs and V who were affected by my post but I'm sincerely reflecting on my behavior for distorting the truth.
If I see any similar post in the future in any other community sites, I will share my feedback and ask the posters to edit their post. Also, I will also request other future posters to apologize and edit their post for spreading false information. I will be careful to not cause further bigger problems.
I sincerely apologize to you again with my head bow down.

Original post here
Response +476 -36

1. That is why we ask you to stop f***ing attacking us. You're not even a BTS fan and why do you even care so much to edit the video to post it here and spread false information.. Everyone could feel he was just joking and it wasn't anything worth to make it a problem but why do you even do this? +362 -17

2. It's easy to create misunderstanding, distort the facts and incite others. You won't do this if you know how hard it is to make people understand and realize the truth. I hope karma gets you for hurting many people with your keyboard in your room. And apologize to the LGBT as well. You have no right to hurt any LGBT, V, other artists and other people. You could dislike someone or hate them but let's not put a nail in their heart. The same thing can happen to you or to your family or your loved ones. +311  -7

3. How are we going to look at Kim Taehyung's face now... It's highly possible that they're aware of this and already he has been criticized many times before... +288 -14

4. Please think about what you're going to do about this.. this comes up when you type 뷔 (V) on Twitter. +96 -1
V homophobic, V remark

5. To those who downvoted this post, I hope your oppa gets hit by your karma +74 -2

6. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ they call ARMYs thugs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ will you just stand and watch calmly when your oppa gets called a homophobe? this is absurd ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ And BTS members could have seen this ridiculous thing and I'm afraid this would hurt them. I want to be happy today because it's Seokjin's birthday but I couldn't even sleep well after reading yesterday's post +68 -1

7. What about our image? Taehyung's image? so many people were incited by your post so what you going to do about that? +63 -1

Have you heard anyone saying "your mental state~" in a public area? if you did, you would know that it will not go away unnoticed. V said something negative about another person's mental state in public and I think that is enough to create an issue so stop complaining.

ㄴ (this is the reply by the OP of the problematic post) please take down your tweet and please read my apology letter.

ㄴ No. I didn't even know you posted another one and this is my opinion after watching the video so who do you think you are to tell me to take down my tweet?

8. but it doesn't matter if you apologize or post clarifications. people will ask for feedback and clarification but they won't read it when we actually provide them one. the fact that you posted something like this is just... ㅋㅋ +57 -1

9. ARMYs, save PDFs of harsh tweets and comments. +55 -1

10. Please think at least 5 times before you post something like this. You would have felt this now but so many people were affected emotionally by your post. Also, what will people think of V when they read something like that? anyway I read your apology letter well and I accept your apology. +34 -2

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