[PANN] 161204 The reason why Bighit is doing well

I noticed this after watching BTS. They don't try to make only one member popular. It looks like they support every member of the group. Their company doesn't focus on "what should we do to make him famous?" but it seems like they focus more on "what should they do as a team to become famous?". I thought they were just supporting Jungkook during "FIRE" because he was the center member but this time J Hope's the center member. Also, they support Jimin and members who are talented singers, dancers, and rappers too. I think their company does a great job at supporting every member. I thought people weren't really getting the chance to learn about J Hope's talent because he used to be famous before their debut too but they put him as the center member this time so I think they're doing a good job. Ah and BTS's performance at MAMA was just amazing.... I heard that they had 100 back dancers (shivers) I think their company really supports them well.

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1. The company teaches their trainees the reason why trainee teams fail to debut, reasons why a team fails  and tells them their team comes before them. The members don't want to affect the team in bad ways so they do their best. Jimin works harder because he was the last member to join the group. +128 -2

2. It's so true that they don't ignore the members' talents. It's amazing how they allow the members to release mixtape when it doesn't really help the company financially +123 -0

3. They really educate their trainees well. They're the type of company that tells their trainees "it doesn't matter if your score bad at monthly tests but you should leave the company right now if you have no passion for music." +105 -0

4. Bighit is amazing because they're not even a small company, they're more like a crew. They're a really small company but they still raised BTS. I think if BTS contributed 99% of effort, Bighit continuously supported them with 1% of faith. It's hard for the artists to release albums continuously but I think that was a very important factor behind BTS's success +46 -0

5. Was it Bang Sihyuk? When someone asked him when Suga's going to release his mixtape, he replied, "Suga will release one when he wants to." I like the company because they have that carefree? vibe of letting their artists do what they are good at +44 -0

6. That's also true but the members also do their best in their position so every member catches your eyes +40 -0

7. They really support the boys musically. Especially mixtapes. They don't care who they bring as featuring artist or even if they swear. +36 -0

8. I think they're good at communicating +32 -0

9. I think their company staffs know how to help the whole group to last long and do well! Honestly, one of the biggest reason why a group breaks apart is because they only support one member but BTS's company supports every member in the field he's best at and I think this will help them to gain more public recognition. This is usually what fans know so I'm curious how their staffs know this... perhaps they were hardcore fangirls/boys when they were younger.. ㅎ +23 -0

10. Their HYYY concept was just amazing. I'm not a debut fan but my heart feels heavy when I see how much BTS has grown up and   I think "HYYH" is the perfect phrase that describes present BTS +18 -0

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