[PANN] 161204 Refutation to the post that accused V as homophobe

I'm a person who loves BTS. It's okay for you to call me their fan.
This is my first post on PANN and I'm writing this after reading that "V said something very homophobic" post. I hope you will understand even if my writing isn't very entertaining to read.
First of all, I have nothing against sexual minorities (because of a close friend of mine and my own younger sibling). At least that's what I think to myself.

Before I start, if you're someone who knows about BTS, you will be aware of these two things

1. Taehyung and Jimin are very close because they're both 95ers. They bicker sometimes but you can really tell that they care about each other. They are really close friends.

V: Are you a choding? (elementary student) ㅡㅡ give it to me now
Jimin: But you said it's mine when your things cross the line

2. Jimin cares a lot about maknae Jungkook and he thinks he's cute.
Fans call him Jungkook mom so I think an explanation is unnecessary.

This is on the high school entrance ceremony day of Jungkook. You can see Jungkook Mom Jimin watching him with a motherly smile.

Now we will talk about that fansign fancam.


Even on this day, the beagles were happily signing and interacting at their fansign event

While Jimin was playing with Jungkook he tells him

Jimin: Oh, Jungkook, you're sitting next to hyung (me) again? 헝헝헝 
and he showed him extreme aegyo

V who saw Jimin's extreme aegyo grabs the microphone and says

Taehyung: When you grow up, your mental state is... (disses Jimin's extreme aegyo)
Jimin: What, what! You're always so mean to me! (he replies in a playful angry tone)

After replying to Taehyung, Jimin is still excited about sitting next to Jungkook.  When he sees this he says,

Taehyung: I don't know if he likes guys (Jungkook) or what... (actually you can't clearly hear if he said "I don't know if")...
Jimin: What? I didn't say it to you, dude!

So that's what happened in the video

What he meant by "mental state" = he was dissing Jimin's aegyo as a friend in a playful way
"as if he likes man..." this was also a joke he told Jimin as he was happy to sit next to Jungkook

It's not "He has a strange mental state because he likes guys"!!
Those two sentences were a different context.

I'm sure this can be misunderstanding to people who are not their fan but it's not right to call V a homophobic because of this video
I think feedbacks aren't necessary.

+) how V treats their fanboys

+) I thought the another fan was a guy because of the cap but I took the photo down because the commenters said the fan wasn't a guy. But I will add the link to a video - "How V treats fanboys".

[방탄소년단]태형이가 팬싸에서 남팬을 봤을때 ㅋㅋ   https://youtu.be/o0BB7wHhGdc

A fanboy said "Taehyung!! Let's get married!!!" at BTS's fansign event
and V (Taehyung) replied "Ok!! Let's really do it!!" 
And when a fanboy said, "BTS I love you!!" V replied, "I love you too!!!!!"

And V likes to skinship so he always hugs male celebrities he's close with and jumps around with them. Do you think he could do that if he was a homophobe?

I think this issue could have made many sexual minorities upset but I hope they, BTS and their fans aren't affected by the post.
I'm not sure if my post sounds good because it's my first post but thank you for reading.

The OP of "V said something very homophobic" posted an apology post and this confirmed that this issue is "not" true. Right now the original post got deleted but I read it before and I saw many people (sexual minorities) were upset after reading it. It's obvious for you to feel upset even if this wasn't true. I hope we don't see any accusing posts like that in the future and I hope you will find your peace of mind.

Original post here
Response +285 -11

1. I think people will fabricate every action of BTS to slander them. Being BTS and BTS's fan is a tough job ㅋㅋㅋ +97 -0

2. Did the OP (of the issue post) feel jealous because fans from other fandoms and muggles complimented V and said he was cool and stuff after the MAMA? +84 -0

3. The post got deleted. This is frustrating ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ s/he was creating misunderstandings... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +80 -0

4. this!!! +23 -0

Fanboy: I really want to date you after going to college. Taehyung: Yes. Let's really do it~ 
Fanboy: I love you!!!!!!!!!
Taehyung: I love you too~

5. It was just absurd to accuse him with this issue anyway +18 -0

6. Fans were looking forward today because it's our eldest hyung Jin's birthday and I don't know why people have to ruin every good day ㅜㅜ seriously we can't be happy with our whole heart +16 -0

7. I'm not in the photo but I'm also a BTS fanboy. Honestly, I was worried thinking "what if they find fanboys disgusting?" but they treated me like their own baby brother. I'm still in high school and they asked me if school was fun and I told them that my dream was to become a PD and they said they will not fail to recognize me if I become one in the future. +15 -0
ㄴ I'm jealous of fanboys...
ㄴ keeuu they were so nice to fanboys at their recent Muster too... my friend is a fanboy and he was in the R area and when Yoongi saw him he went "OH!" and waved at him... I want to be a fanboy too

8. when a fanboy came to their fansign event he said "oh~ a boy~" and smiled mischievously and ㅋ when BTS was leaving the fanboy screamed "ahk!" and Taehyung was laughing with him ㅋㅋㅋ what homophobia +11 -0

9. I just think many people are against BTS... slandering their face, attitude, pulling hair, plagiarism, sajaegi, etc~ I think BTS and their fans need to toughen up their mental... tsk +10 -0

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