[PANN] 161205 This idol was different ever since he was a child

= Rap Monster (yes, this is a BTS fan recruiting post so please get lost if you don't want to read any fan recruiting posts)

...I think that is why they couldn't trust me. Back then, my lyrics - since I had to study as well - I would write the lyrics secretly on a paper and hide it inside my workbook and I would get told off if I get caught. My mother witnessed this many times which displeased her and I told this to my mom during that time which sounds cringeworthy when I think about it now. My grades were among the top 5000 students nationwide and this company said I'm very talented. I'm merely in the 5000th place if I study but I was told by a well-reputed person that I can become No.1 in rapping. I asked her, "Mom, do you prefer a son who comes first or a son who ranks 5000th place?" and she resentfully gave me permission.

This boy who asked his mother if she preferred a son who stays in the 5000th place in studies or 1st place in rapping which he enjoys doing grows up and writes the lyrics "난 내가 하기싫은 일로 성공하긴 싫어 난 날 밀어" (I don't want to succeed by doing something I don't like, I push myself) 

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1. Jungkook turned down all 7 big companies but he chose to become a member of BTS right after he saw Namjoon's rap.  That explains everything. +204 -45

2. Namjoon's just 23 like me and although he's still young he's leading BTS. It's really hard to find youths who prefer to have friends who would sit with him at grassplot and look at the sky rather than friends who he can drink drinks and go play pool with. I'm glad that there's a hard working and inspiring idol group like BTS. Namjoon, I'm sure you would have succeeded in whatever field you chose to take. I'm proud of myself for finding you among people who slander you because they don't know you. Please stay strong! +191 -13

3. I love Namjoon with his fringe.... +156 -13

4. Please don't read the post if you dislike him; why do you come here and take the time to comment hate? you're so f***ing twisted +49 -7

5. I'm a 25 old female who very recently became an ARMY after looking at Hobi's photo but honestly I just thought  "as expected from BTS" whenever I looked at most photos of the boys but when I saw this one I was like "....wow..." and I spaced out for 5 seconds... he's so crazily handsome. Leader Nam is looking handsome +46 -7

6. Our Nam Leader-nim who makes us proud♡ I wish he would suffer from less hurtful things next year. +35 -1

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