[PANN] 161208 BANGTAN Aunt Scouts appears!

To Golden Disk Awards Officials.

We wish tremendous success to your company.
방탄이모단 (Bangtan Aunt Scouts/ Bangtan Eemodan) is a group for BTS fans who are above 30s and we are very looking forward to 2016 Golden Disk Awards Ceremony.

BTS has shown the most remarkable and eye-catching performance in 2016 including debuting at No.26 on US Billboard Album Chart. Also, BTS's second full album <WINGS> recorded 710,000 sales and the album ranked No.1 in overall monthly album sales result revealed by Gaon Chart.

But controversy began to rise regarding the criteria of Golden Disk's Daesang before and after Gaon announced the chart.
The point of the controversy is what is the standard of "one album".
Many criticisms, speculations imprudent slandering were thrown around regarding this matter.
However, we're not trying to discuss each and every point of this problem in this letter.

We have one question.
Could you consider two albums which were released with different music source and different barcode as one album?
Does Golden Disk consider albums which were released in Chinese and Korean versions as one album?

We would like to state again, Gaon Chart announced a clear answer to this question on 2016 December 7th by announcing that <WINGS> is highest selling album of 2016 as it ranked No.1 in the yearly chart.
Moreover, according to the press released by Golden Disk, it was announced that the winner of Golden Disk's Daesang will be calculated based on Gaon Chart.  If so, the answer is clear.

We are aware that Golden Disk is a fair and objective awards ceremony that awards the winners based on the album and digital sales of a year. If Gaon Chart's mission is to create a fair and objective chart,  we believe that it's the duty of Golden Disk to award the winners fairly and objectively.

We believe Golden Disk has its own judgment standard and scores which aren't revealed to the public. We believe and respect Golden Disk's legitimacy regarding that matter.

However, to subside imprudent slandering, speculations, and unnecessary controversy, we are asking for your answer.
Please make a statement if it's possible to see two albums which were released with different music source and different barcodes as one album.

We consider and trust Golden Disk as one of the important awards ceremonies that measure the healthiness and richness of our music industry.
We sincerely hope to see the result which will be approved by many at the Golden Disk awards ceremony which will be held on 2017 January 13th.

2016 December 8th

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You can use my translations to explain/clarify/rebute to those who need understanding but please credit me. 

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