[PANN] 161208 Looks like this is Yoongi's favorite pose.jpg

I noticed that he makes the same hand pose when I looked at the photos uploaded by their Japanese official Twitter account so I created a collage and it's so cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

did I miss something? was there a reason why he fell in love with this pose?
perhaps someone else might have posted this before, I will delete mine if I'm posting this again!

+) our opinions are divided to "niko niko ni" and "love" but it doesn't really matter, right?
this is going to be the pose for my graduation photo...☆★

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Response +51 -0

1. I'm the Eppi who commented earlier and they say it's "Love" +24 -0

2. that hand motion means "love". it's famous too so I think Yoongi means it like that +12 -0

3. don't you think he posed like niko niko ni because they're in Japan?? +1 -0

4. good this is going to be my signature pose 

5. I think it's niko niko ni

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