[PANN] 161208 +) wow... did you watch the trailer of Hwarang The Beginning?

+) heol  daebak... this is my first Selected Talk post... wow...
thanks, guys!

They said Hyolin-nim, Yoseob-nim, Jin and V, Bolbbalgan Sachungi, and Han Donggeun-nim will be singing the Hwarang OST!
Oh man, I'm going to have so many new songs to listen to!

ahh it's Kim Taehyung and not V..!
I watched the trailer that just came up and...
really this is amazing...
he's so handsome...
I think he's a good actor too and I'm so looking forward to this drama Hwarang
Guys, do watch the premiere on 19th December!

First broadcast on December 19th. 
KBS2TV Mon-Tue Drama Hwarang  -Hansung's story-

In his 18th year of Jingol, his half brother appears who he wants to get close with

 (T/N: Jingol (진골) is one of the ranks in the bone rank system during Silla. 진골 (Jingol) is the second rank. Only one of the child's parent is a royal.)

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1. I'm ARMY and all actors in the drama are handsome af and especially Park Seojoon. I became a big fan of him since Kill me Heal me ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm so happy because the actors of the drama including Minho-nim and Park Hyungsik-nim are liking our Taehyung. Just from the preview, I can tell that all their characters overflow with charms so I'm really anticipating! PArk Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, Do Jihan, Cho Yoonwoo, Kim Taehyung- Hwarang let's hit daebak! +136 -2

2. This drama is like a festival of visual... the other actors really cared a lot about Taehyung in Entertainment Weekly  interview too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ and when you watch their interview on Entertainment Weekly , you'd know but seriously all of their visual is just insane +128 -1

3. heol what BTS V's in a drama? It's from the 19th? +117 -2
4. The reaction of the hyungs ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +62 -0

5. I'm ARMY and as a person who majors in directing field, I was really worried ㅠㅠ this drama itself is a historical drama but it's also one of those dramas with strong high-teen drama so a cheerful character like Hansung plays an important role than we think.. if one plays this role well, they'd become like the vitamin but if they don't they could cut the flow of the entire scene.. ㅠㅠ plus, characters like this shouldn't merely be happy and cheerful, they should have their own scar inside them so it's not really easy to play such roles. Also, actors with low voices complete 50% of their character. That's because they sound stable... If someone who isn't very experienced in acting has a high voice tone, s/he could stand out. I wasn't worried about this part because Taehyung's voice is quite low... but actors with low voices should be careful when they play roles like this because they could sound inaccurate which leads to viewers not understanding his lines... ㅠㅠ I was really worried about Taehyung because he usually speaks his Taetae language and I wasn't sure if he could speak accurately with emotions ㅠㅠㅠ (sighs)... but I feel better after watching the trailer. I think he worked really hard...ㅠㅠ and he has great seniors around him so I feel more assured. Seriously I just wish him to naturally go with the flow of the drama. Hwarang, fighting..♡ +48 -1

6. I was worried because Taehyung usually speaks his Taetae language but I think he will play the role well with his low voice in the serious scenes too.  I thought he was cute in the teaser? +44 -0

7. This is something only the fans know about but that character is almost like his natural self ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +41 -0

8. Shawol here and thank you ARMYs for praising Minho ㅠ Hwarang Daebak! +34 -0

9. This is Shawol and it's so nice to see your heartwarming commentsㅎㅎ I watched the Entertainment Weekly interview because of Minho and I could see how close the actors were and why Taehyung-nim is liked by his hyungs so much ㅎㅎ Let's enjoy watching Hwarang together. Fighting +29 -0

10. Our lovely Hansungㅠㅠ I'm anticipating a lot ㅠㅠ +27 -0

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