[PANN] 161209 Male Celebrity Board in DC Gallery is the ARMY's den?

Hello. This is Instiz and Nate PANN BTS Fantalk.

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Before we start the post, we state that this was not written with the intention to slander another fandom with malicious intents.

This post is the summary written by "some" fans on Nate PANN, and other fandoms and BTS fandom who were involved in this incident are victims.

We did not add any of our opinions into this post. This is just a summary of the words that were said on Nate PANN.

We will explain the reason behind writing this post.

1) Regarding Male Celebrity Board (DC Gallery), community sites with higher number of female users
At the very beginning, they began to spread the rumor of EXO members making misogyny remarks at their fanmeeting.
However, this is not true.
This rumor was made by 남연갤 (Male Celebrity Board in DC Gallery).
Below are the evidence

(T/N: 차돌박이 = this is not a misogyny word but users on 남연갤 made it up and gave a sexual meaning to it)

Morons, we failed because the b*tches posted before us regarding the 차돌박이 rumor
why are they planning this on us ㅡㅡ
the reactions to 차돌박이 post on the b*tches community site
did they post 차돌박이 post on their sites?

남연갤 users planned to write regarding 차돌박이 rumor on community sites with higher number of female users
차돌박이 is a slang created by 남연갤 users

This senior at work today said a really disgusting sexual joke

I was smoking when I went to work today
and this guy said "I like girls who are like 차돌박이" so I asked him why 차돌박이? and he replied

"because they cook fast eumhahahahaha"
that's what he said -_-

I really wanted to punch him in the face

(T/N: 차돌박이 (cha-dol-bak-ie) =  Beef Brisket)

This word is something which males don't even know about too

Username: 차돌박이

I really badly needed a massage so I went to Apgujeong... these days I visit there often and now I visit there naturally as if it's my home
at first, I felt uncomfortable visiting the place on my own but now I feel better going there by myself
the staffs even make room for me when I go there so I don't have to wait to get inside the room so it's better going there by yourself ㅋㅋ
Today was a Sunday morning so they had many customers during the morning hours.
But fortunately I was able to get inside the room without much delay
If you guys know this place you'll all know that they're the ace of this field with pretty faces and great massaging skills...

This was a post written by a person who frequently goes to enjoy with prostitutes;;; but they're insisting it's true with this post

Users who have IDs on Instiz, Yeosungsidae, Jjukbbang (both are Daum community cafes) and etc, what are you guys doing!!!

▲ the above images show how they're trying to spread the rumor by giving "차돌박이" a bad meaning. Also, the title of the posts asking to spread this rumor

post 차돌박이 on the female community sites

▲봋초=여초 (sites with higher number of female users). They're telling each other to spread the rumors they had created on female community sites

Let's spread the 차돌박이 massage story around, spread it around
▲post on 남연갤 asking the users to spread the rumor▲

You can see from the above images that this rumor began in 남연갤

they tried to frame "차돌박이" as a misogny word but even when you google this word you don't get any results that say this is a sexually harassing slang.

Also, the EXO member who said this word said "차돌구이" and not "차돌박이" .

(T/N: 차돌구이 Roasted Beef Brisket)

Also, these "some" people on Nate PANN planned to frame BTS fans as if they were the ones who were spreading the rumor.

But BTS fandom has nothing to do with this rumor

Rather, this is a comment which was left on 여성시대 (Yeosungsidae) which is a community cafe with higher number of female users could be the start of this rumor.

They had some word quiz at their fanmeeting and the answer was "차돌박이"
but suddely Chen asked the younger fans to close their ears and said "what did ? we eat todayㅋㅋㅋ" and Baekhyun said "this question is weird~" and they started laughing together ㅋㅋ
the fans didn't realize they were making sexual jokes and laughed with them
but they asked their Twitter friends when they came back home because they felt weird and asked their guy friends too and
차돌박이 = it's a slang for ladies who get easily aroused
I'm f*cking offended

Let's make this the top comment by commenting under this
ㄴ heol.. it's a sexual joke?!
ㄴ heol what did he say???
ㄴ heol..?? what was it??

▲ It's been confirmed that this comment left on Yeosungsidae was written by a person who was pretending to be EXO L. (it looks like this is the first comment to spread the rumor)▲

(red letters= rumor)
I went to CBX's fanmeeting and I stopped stanning Chen and Baekhyun when I heard their sexual joke ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ this time it's Do Kyungsoo ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
ㄴ (T/N: This is the same thing above, explaining the "fake" 차돌박이 meaning)

-did Baekhyun know the answer to this question?
-You need to be clear. Right now everyone's busy making assumptions because of your comment. Are you sure you will not change your words? Did Byun Baekhyun laugh because he knew the answer to the question?
-hey, you need to clarify this don't you think?
-(the person spreading the rumor) I thought Baekhyun laughed because he knew the answe but it's very fortunate if he didn't know. I'm sorry but that's how it was like from my point of view. I will talk to others who attended their fanmeeting.

- (rumor maker) I was offended and I was disappointed when I heard there was such slang because I wished they wouldn't make sexual jokes in front of their fans, regardless of the meaning. I was disappointed in them because of the ramyeon joke too. I still can't understand why they asked the younger fans to close their ears but since there are many readers here. I will apologize.
- are you Chen or Baekhyun? You don't even know with what intentions they said this so why are you spreading rumors?
-ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ is this an apology??? this is so frustrating ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ please get rid of your exo related nickname ^^

▲how it was revealed to be a rumor▲

BTS fandom did not attempt to spread this rumor and this all began with that comment on community cafe called Yeosungsidae.
However, "some" people of Nate PANN framed BTS fandom.

1) summary : BTS fandom has nothing to do with this rumor but they still tried to blame BTS fandom.

2) they planned to spread their fabricated materials on December 6th and 7th on Instiz, Jjukbbang, Yeosungsidae, etc but a Tanso (BTS ARMY nickname in Instiz) found this out and posted a clarification post before them.

3) some leaders of this rumor began to incite users on sites like Instiz and other community sites and claimed this rumor was spread by BTS fandom.

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