[PANN] 161213 Wow BTS Suga

(This is a praising post. People who don't want to read such post should go back)

He's so skinny so I thought he wouldn't have any muscle in his back but Suga was a man... I was really shocked when I saw that gif... I couldn't go to school because I'm sick but I'm saving Suga's photos and now I even created a folder for him

I even went "heok!" when I saw this one too... this f*cking makes my heart to flutter. Can you guys share Suga gifs/photos if you have ㅠㅠㅠ??


thanks ㅠㅠㅠㅠ I saved many photos..! I was having a hard time because of this flu but I think looking at Suga's photos gave me power... human vitamin...! I think I might join the fandom ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ they say there's no exit once you fall for Min Yoongi... and I'm not ARMY... but right now, I think I'm going to join... You guys keep asking in every post that praises BTS if the OP is ARMY but seriously why are you guys like that...

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Response +598 -49

1. is this is praising post about me?? yeaahhhhh +192 -2

2. Min Yoongi's back... +166 -1

3. 168 (T/N: I think the number represents how many times this commenter shared photos in the comments) I'm the vocal if you weren't here +149 -2

4. OP is in the initial stage of 민빠답 +95 -2

(T/N: 민윤기한테 빠지면 답이 없다 - You are helpless when you fall for Min Yoongi.)

5. I shed a drop of tear to the passion of one Eppi who uploaded +200 photos in the comments +59 -2

6.  the body frame difference +54 -1

7. Yoongi has broad shoulders and he actually has a big body frame but people don't really notice this because he's thin... even the other members have broad shoulders so I think Yoongi looks small compared to others. But when he stood next to female staffs, I could tell the difference! +50 -1

8. euaaaahhhh this is a praising post about me~~~~~~ +46 -1

9. he makes my heart flutter +44 -2

10. Shooting guard, yeah~ he's really great at basketball +37 -1

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