[PANN] 161217 It really does seem like Taehyung's going to die in Hwarang..

This is from Highcut Do Jihan-nim's interview
He said one of them dies in the drama...
Hansung is the last Jingol in the Seok Family.. that's also true historically...

This might be a spoiler but is there a Hwarang who doesn't survive until the last episode of the drama?
There is one. That's all I can share! (laughs)

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1. I only saw 5 silhouette of Hwarang in the special episode they aired... but I can't think of any other character (who will probably die) than Hansung... +12 -0

2. But if this was said by Do Jihan-nim, Park Seojoon-nim is older than him and the other actors are all 91ers so I think Taehyung is the only person who he can address with "하나"...(one, informal) this sounds like the truth ㅠㅜ +12 -0

3. ㅜㅜ just thinking about the scene of him dying tears my heart...ㅠㅠㅜ 

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