[PANN] 161218 Jimin who really cares a lot about members

Jimin hugging the eldest hyung who is suffering from throat pain

I'm posting a hopeful tweet, hoping to make my dearest Hobi hyung smile who would be tired practicing until late! Hyungnim, please cheer up! BTS, let's cheer up! ㅋㅋㅋ

Jimin cheered Hobi who was tired after late practices by making J H-O-P-E 

6th try.. ah... finally he gives up

"How could I say such thing to Jungkook" FROM Jimin

Jungkook was given a mission to hear "please stop it" from Jimin but Jungkook gave up the mission and that's what Jimin said when he learned the mission

Jimin comforting members when they cry

When Taehyung cried at the fanmeeting when he talked about his grandmother, although Jimin was standing on the other side he ran and hugged him tightly and he said "please clap for Taehyung because he stayed strong during this hard time" 

Poor Jimin who is continuously rejected by Jungkook, 
you will continue to like Jungkook, right?
Duh, he's my baby brother

when the fan asked if he would continue to love Jungkook even when he annoys him, Jim replied "duh, he's my baby brother"

I hope I won't see Taehyung having a hard time

Jimin said he wouldn't want to see Taehyung having a hard time

Q. Who is the member you think is the closest to "HYYH"?

Jimin: I think all of us are in our most beautiful moment in life but I think I'm the one experiencing the most beautiful moment because I got to meet our members and people.

Jimin said he is in HYYH because he's with his members

I'm able to stand here now because our members helped and guided me
I felt happy because I was with our members and I was able to look back
They made me possible to do things I can never do. Our members are really cool, right?

Jimin cried and thanked every member at their concert

Jimin not only cares about his members. He cares about us too

when Namjoon couldn't attend the fansign event due to his arm injury, Jimin personally called Namjoon so the fans could hear his voice and to comfort the disappointed fans.

I think it's obvious that he cares about us, he even made a video call to Taehyung at ISAC when he couldn't attend due to his drama 

he said he wanted to have the people around him again in his next life. I think he really cares about the people around him- his members and ARMYs...

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1. I think there won't be an end if we try to collect everything that shows how much Jimin cares about the members ... he really cares about them a lot ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he was the first person to present Hoseok on his birthday and he gave the towel to Jungkook when he cried after listening to Taehyung's speech during the fan meeting ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he's so kind ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ he's a real angel ... Jimin, you are the best (thumbs up +13 -1

2. I'm really thankful to live in the era where I can love BTS +11 -0

3. our angel-like Jimin +5 -0

4. Jimin is really ㅠㅠ you can tell he cares about them~ +3 -1

5. there's a reason why BTS calls Jimin an angel. Lovely Jimin :) +2 -0

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