[PANN] 161220 I think the OST gives me goosebumps because...

They're good singers and these two's visual kills me...

I'm someone who refuses to accept and join the fandom but... I'll be next to you guys very soon

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Response +238 -29

1. I won't force you but it would be better for you to come join us..! there are so many things to catch upㅠㅠㅠ hmmm... bang❤️ +29 -0

2. Join the army! +26 -1

3. Come and join us... +18 -0

4. I welcome you... +11 -0

5. It's better for you to come join us soon... even during their break, BTS floods us with many baits every day... +8 -0

6. now, come and enlist (claps) come and enlist +5 -0

7. It's better if you hurry up. Come on and enlist yourself fast!!!! +5 -0

8. join the army and come and see us at Fantalk board... +5 -0

9. Come on +4 -0

10. hee +3 -0

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