[PANN] 161224 It looks like Jin is really handsome

He looks luxurious... like an actor

Every netizen who saw Jin in real life can't help marveling

He's really pretty

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Response +698 -245

1. All members of BTS are attractive +280 -45

2. Isn't this the legend? +249 -10

3. You seriously can't help exclaiming when you see that visual... +197 -19

4. the pink shirt at the back is Jungkook and Jin is the member next to him. You can really feel his eldest hyung charm in this gif +71 -1

5. Isn't he like a doll... +63 -3

6. A photo with the Leader-nim~^~^^~~~&~ +61 -1

7. Kim Seokjin is a handsome and pretty guyㅠㅠ♥ +52 -1

8. Seriously you need to accept that Jin is handsome. He's someone who doesn't appear good on camera. Before seeing them I thought "there can't be so much difference" but when I saw BTS in real life I was like "omg can they be real human beings?" He has a really small face and it's like he doesn't have a jaw below his ears but he's so handsome with broad shoulders ah seriously he's just daebak ㅜㅜㅜㅜ +44 -0

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