[SS Interview] BTS, "We were able to show you various appearances during special promotion, it feels like a blessing."

It was a one week special promotion for their fans but BTS made it extraordinary. Starting off with Mnet "M Countdown" then on KBS "Music Bank", MBC "Show, Music Core", and to SBS "Inkigayo", they won the first place on every music show they performed, proving that this is their "Most Beautiful Moment In Life" (HYYH). BTS revealed their thoughts and gratitude to their fans' love on their recent encounter with Star Seoul TV.

"We are very happy to be back in a special way with our special album. Our fans really loved this promotion. We started off well by winning the first place on "M Countdown", our first comeback stage, and we were able to end the rest of our promotion pleasantly because of their support. Fans, thank you very much."

They entered No.1 on music charts without a doubt and won No.1 on music shows. BTS is taking a step at a time. They said in their opinion, Youtube and SNS made huge impacts on their popularity.

"Music and performance have to be fundamentally good and our great senior artists let the world know about K-pop and we think we're promoting by receiving their baton. And we think our Youtube channel plays an important role. We upload short videos of our lives on our Youtube channel and they really like our videos. During our debut days, we recorded them to have fun with our fans but over the 3 years many videos have been added and it plays a big role. Also, we think our SNS is helping us a lot. Thanks to the love sent by many, we are the first idol group to get our own emoji. We tried our best to communicate and we think we've been rewarded."

Although this was a special one week promotion, BTS prepared various things to show many performances during this short time. They unveiled all stages of their new tracks from their special album, the sentimental ballad "Butterfly", "SAVE ME" and "FIRE". Intense and charismatic performances like their debut days and lyrical concept which helped them to receive their current popularity, the group showcased all of their charms on music shows during the one week promotion period.

"Both sentimental and exciting stages have their own charms. It means a lot to us to be able to perform both of them. Firstly, we think it's a blessing. We enjoy ourselves during intense stages. We try our best to perform like a real musical during sentimental stages. We try to express everything during the given time. We think we have different attitude for different stages and what we want to show you is different too. However, it has been a very blissful promotion because we were able to do both (concepts)."

BTS has also attracted attention for the scene which starts at 3:33 in their "Fire" music video. It's a scene of their mind blowing fierce group feet moves started off by Jimin. To this BTS smiled and said, "We didn't expect they'd like that part so we were very surprised when it became so popular. We will do our best to answer your support."

It was Jin's first attempt since their debut at dying his hair blonde. Displaying his affection to his fans he said, "It was interesting and nice to try out a different hair color after our debut.", "Our fans really liked it and it made me happy to see all of you excited."

That's not all, BTS also held a solo concert at the Gymnastic Stadium in Seoul Songpagu. They also gained attention for crying a lot at the end of their concert.

"Our families were at the concert and it was hard to control ourselves as we tried to express our gratitude to fans who sent us indescribable amount of support and to our family. While talking we remembered all the grateful things and things we were sorry about. We also remembered many incidents we went through before reaching the Gymnastic Stadium so we think that made us to cry more."

After completing their splendid special promotion, BTS will be meeting their Asia fans at the concerts in Taiwan, Macao, China, Japan (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo) and other 10 cities which will be held 13 times.

BTS requested, "We will return with better appearance so please look forward.".

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