[TheQoo] 160809 EX-worker of album store tells you why it's impossible to "barcode sajaegi" and how Hanteo counts the sales

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This is the post written by fanboy/girl who used to work at the album store explaining why it's impossible to sajaegi with barcodes and how Hanteo counts the sales.txt

Before I begin, I will tell you how our store works. As of April 30th, I no longer work at the store (due to studies)
I worked at the album store inside a large bookstore for about 3 years.

Firstly, this is how Hanteo counts (this is based on our company's standards. They say this could be different from store to store and company to company)
Basically, the distributor is the head office for these album stores.

We have the album distributors (not LOEN, CJ. These distributors literally distribute the albums) who are in between the offline stores.

Gyopo/ Youngpung/ Bandi, etc- the album stores in these bookstores are created by album distributors
Even in the same bookstore chains, they can have different album stores operated by different album distributors. There are about 3~4 major distributors.

Anyway, our company updates the sales volume every hour and this is checked with sales documents (it's a system where the figures are calculated after they're added to the book store's sales) only then the person in charge at the head office sends the figures to Hanteo. If we're really busy today or if we are selling fansign event CDs, we usually update after our closing hour. Then our head office sends the figures for us. The stores usually close at 10PM so I think the head office sends the figures around 11PM.

At least we didn't update after 12AM and add the figures as the sales for the next day...

So I need to talk about barcodes which are related to this. This is updated manually by us and it's not like the barcodes immediately get entered as it gets read by the machine.

Secondly, it's absolutely impossible to do barcode sajaegi.

All products in a store have a barcode and this is not only for albums. Which means every little, hundreds and thousands of these products have their own barcode, right?
Barcodes are just numbers and it was created to help inventory and sales managements using the POS program or ERP program.
Barcodes are really important because this can alter the inventory and sales.
Therefore, it's easier to manage inventory/sales if one product has the same barcode!
But barcode sajaegi is increasing sales by creating many barcodes. This is ridiculous because
For instance - let's say we sell 10 copies this way. This means that 10 of them has to have different barcode and they have to be entered in the system to be marked as sales
But it's expensive to create barcodes. My example was just 10 copies but imagine creating barcodes for thousands of copies...?
Also, this method (barcode sajaegi) can be only used at offline stores but then these would be a provisional sales at the bookstore, shopping center the album store is located at so this is going to require lots and lots of cash since it's sajaegi.. plus you can't increase the sales without actual payments (credit card payments or cash payments).

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