[Article] 160114 BTS Jin effect! "LOJ" hits 18.4% highest ratings #RainLandTears

The immature Jungle Family caught the viewers with "Rain Land & Tears".

According to Nielson Korea, the viewership ratings of SBS "Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado" that aired on the 13th January recorded an average rating of 13.9% and highest at 18.4% and the show stood firmly as the No.1 most watched show.

The Jungle Family spent the night on their shaking floating house in the open sea. The rain woke up Kim Byungman and Gong Myung who couldn't get up easily from tiredness. Dark clouds gathered again even when they completed their 24 hours on no land mission.
Meanwhile, each Jungle family member was desperately saving the bottle of water they were given. When Kim Byungman said, "Why are you guys doing nothing? We should collect water!", BTS Jin and Sleepy opened their mouth under the rain. The members transferred the water that was collected on the tent and they even washed with rain water.

However, when they finally ended the challenging no land survival, electric power was taken away from the Jungle family. They couldn't use the motor boat. The members had to travel to an island that was about 1km away from the open sea without any electric power.
The Jungle family together built a raft and oars using their floating house. They had to row after sawing. When they were close to the land after rowing for more than an hour, the members were exhausted. They had to use the emergency rope and the wave to land successfully. Kim Byungman, Jin, Sleepy and other Jungle family screamed "LAND!" as soon as they landed in happiness and this was the 1-minute scene that recorded the highest viewer rating of 18.4%.

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