[Article] 170104 Shinhwa Lee Minwoo "Junior group who I care about the most? It's BTS" (Interview)

Shinhwa Minwoo chose BTS as his most favorite group.

During the recent interview with Sports World, Lee Minwoo mentioned "BTS" when he was asked if any group had grabbed his attention. Lee Minwoo said, "I advised BTS some time ago. I told them "I think it would be nice if you guys have your own phrase.". Later, BTS made their own unique greeting phrase and I was impressed to see them working hard in every field. I feel more attached to them especially after doing the variety show with Jungkook. We keep in touch and I was proud to see them performing earnestly at the end of the year Gayo Daejun. I hope BTS will continue being a successful group."

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