[Article] 170105 BTS supports their eldest hyung Jin who "leaves" to the jungle.. "We're worried about him because he's sensitive about food"

BTS members came forward to support their member Jin who was leaving to the "jungle".
BTS Jin will be appearing on the first episode of SBS "Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado" which will broadcast on the 6th. This is BTS's first trip to the jungle. BTS members were going to have their break during this time, however, BTS's eldest hyung Jin returned his vacation and headed to the jungle.

BTS members recorded a video to support their eldest hyung Jin who will be heading to the jungle. In the video which was recorded a day before his departure, Jimin said, "I hope Jin hyung will create great memories with great people that will be be more valuable than the break.".

The members predicted if Jin would do well in the jungle. Rap Monster began, "Can I be honest?" and continued, "It's one way or the other.". Jimin expressed his concerns and said, "Our Jin hyung is very sensitive when it comes to food. I think he would do well on his own when he goes to an unfamiliar environment.". Suga added, "Because Jin is really polite and nice to other hyungs and this is about his survival (so he will do well).".

BTS members continued to imagine what it would be like to go to the jungle. Jungkook showed his confidence and said, "If I went to the jungle I would cook well and catch lots of fish.". Suga said, "If I went to the jungle, I think would be selected as the No.1 stat who will easily starve to death .". V also chose Rap Monster as the member who will easily starve to death and Rap Monster refuted, "I think I will do quite well.".

Jin presented laughter as he tried to tell his ahjae jokes. While he was talking about the location he'd be going to for "Law of the Jungle in Kota Mando", he asked "What time is Indonesia?" and replied, "It's 4 O'clock!". He also showed his lobster shaped phone case which he revealed he had prepared for his jungle trip and shouted: "바다가재가 나한테 바다 가쟤"(Lobster wants me to come to the sea!). According to the staffs, he will be revealing his amazing ahjae jokes throughout his time at the jungle.
(T/N: Indo (인도/ India) + nesia (네시아/ this sounds similar to “4(네)시야” which means “it’s 4 O’clock” = It’s 4 O’clock in India)
(T/N: 바다가재 (bada gajae/lobster) 바다 가쟤 (bada gajae/ go to the sea) 재 and 쟤 look different but they're pronounced in the same way. wordplay)
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