[Article] 170110 Interpark reveals the ticket sales ranking of 2016

Musical "Phantom" appeared to be the highest selling event ticket among Musicals in 2016. If we look into the genres, "Liar 1" and "Capone Trilogy" came first in "drama". "BTS" sold most number of tickets in "Concert" category. As for classic, "Carmen" came first in opera, "The Nutcracker" by Universal Ballet in dance and classic.

Interpark, the event ticket selling site revealed the following results after analyzing the 5 genres of 2016 event ticket sales volume (2016 January 1st ~ December 28th). This is the result of tickets on Interpark web, mobile, phone, at the venue, etc.

As for "Concert", BTS's concert 'BTS LIVE 화양연화 ON STAGE: EPILOGUE' took the first place. BTS promoted actively and held 5 concerts and fanmeeting at Hwajung Gym (Korea University) and Gocheok Skydome. BEAST, VIXX and Infinite and other idol concerts ranked higher than established singers and this proved the strong power of the idol groups.

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