[Article] 170111 This is the real situation of the 6 Hwarangs' friendship

They say that friendship is formed naturally when you are filming for a pre-produced drama. This means that actors become very attached as they go through all sorts of hardship together. We received a report that the friendship of 6 Hwarangs (Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, Do Jihan, Kim Taehyung, Cho Yoonwoo) who are currently starring in KBS "Hwarang" is growing bigger.

When 6 men get together, it's natural for them to find a common interest and meet more often as they friendship grows. And the actors of "Hwarang" followed the same course. Their common interest was game and rumor has it that they have become so close that they express their affection to each other freely.

# the common interest of "6 Hwarangs"

Since the 6 Hwarangs didn't know each other before the drama, their first task was "getting close to each other". It did not take a very long time for the six male actors who were tied with "Hwarang" to get close and boast their great teamwork in the drama. Rumor has it that their eldest hyung Park Seojoon, middle line Park Hyungsik, Choi Minho, Do Jihan and Cho Yoonwoo, and maknae Kim Taehyung (BTS V) were able to get close in a short time because they shared a common interest.

Online game "Overwatch" tied the 6 Hwarangs together. The actors headed to the internet cafe instead of a restaurant after the filming. They played games together and built their friendship. Official of "Hwarang" shared, "Their only esports was "Overwatch". This is the real life version of "men get close by playing games together".

# the men's talk

The common nickname shared by these male actors was "chatterbox". They continue sharing stories as soon as they meet and their talk never stops so this was the nickname given to them by the officials. Their get-togethers always end as a "meal" since Park Hyungsik cannot drink but their talk continues until the late night. This is possible because the 6 Hwarangs are as talkative as the next person.

"This is my first time seeing such talkative group of men. I think they could talk for hours once they sit down at a place. They talk for around 6 hours when they start talking after their meal. Honestly, I would understand if they have few drinks together but they sit and talk for more than 6 hours without any drink. I think this is possible because they are well known as the "beagles". They're really noisy even when you just get close to them. (Official A "Hwarang")

# "Hyung, I love you."

Eventually their affection swelled up. Since the set was filled by actors with "beagle" charms, it been said that their prank battle will never stop once they start. They said that the performance of the idol actors were incredible. Their "I love you" was the weapon they used against their hyungs. It's been said that maknae Kim Taehyung's aegyo really captured his hyungs.

"Mr. Park Seojoon was quite embarrassed by his younger brothers expressing their affection at first. He couldn't tell them anything whenever they told him how much they loved him but now he showers them with love. I guess he felt awkward when his idol younger brothers told him "I love you" but now they feel awkward if they don't tell each other how much they love another". (Official B "Hwarang")

Since it's a pre-produced drama, the filming has ended but the friendship of these 6 Hwarangs still continues. Although the 6 actors cannot meet each other as often as before after the drama due to their own schedules, they still keep in touch and express their affection to each other.

A quality drama like "Hwarang" was created because their drama sets overflowed with love. Even though the 6 Hwarangs show hostility in the drama, they say we'll soon watch many scenes of the actors sharing friendship. The day we'll enjoy the friendship scenes of 6 Hwarangs which will present us with delightfulness is approaching us.

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