[Article] 170112 "Law of the Jungle" BTS Jin, "Gong Myung has golden hands and I have unlucky hands"

BTS Jin himself admitted that he is "the unlucky hands of the fishing field".
On the 13th broadcast of SBS "Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado", the "immature Jungle Family" desperately caught the squids that jumped towards the lights installed for recording.

Unlike his younger brother Gong Myung who continuously caught squids with the net, Jin could not catch even one. Jin cried out, "Gong Myung has golden hands and mine are unlucky hands!" as he looked at the squids that escaped his own net.

Next morning, Jin used his secret weapon "ARMY Bomb" (BTS lightstick) to overcome his failure and attempted a proper fishing. However, due to his previous day performance, no one anticipated Jin's success in fishing.

Will Jin be able to rise as the golden hands the fishing field by clearing his "unlucky hands" title? You can check the full story on SBS "Law of the Jungle" on 13th Friday at 10PM (KST).

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