[Article] 170114 [Interview ②] "Hwarang" Cho Yoonwoo "Bromance with BTS V. He's a cutie who you can't dislike"

Actor Cho Yoonwoo revealed his thoughts about his bromance with Kim Taehyung (BTS V).
His bromance with Kim Taehyung makes the drama more interesting. He asked "Did it have to be me?" when Hansung (Kim Taehyung) laid next to him when he came to their room with his pillow. Although the two characters bicker in the drama, the hearts of the female viewers flutter as they watch Yeowool taking care of him like a tsundere. Cho Yoonwoo said with a smile, "I was wondering why I didn't have a loveline but I'm happy with the bromance.".

He showed infinite affection to his co-actor Kim Taehyung. It felt like I was watching a real life bromance when his eyes filled with sweetness whenever Kim Taehyung was mentioned.
Cho Yoonwoo showered with compliments, "You cannot dislike (Kim) Taehyung. Sometimes I can't help wondering if it could have been possible for the six of us to become this close if we didn't have Taehyung with us. We're all men and Taehyung is the youngest so we tease him too. It's really cute to see Taehyung's reaction when we do. Also, he's very cute when he's being sweet to his hyungs. The drama set atmosphere turned refreshing when Taehyung arrived at the venue.".

Cho Yoonwoo described his Hwarang family as "A youth which I can never meet again". If so, what are the charms of the Hwarangs?

When it was time to talk about Kim Taehyung, his cheekbones rose high. Cho Yoonwoo said, "(Kim) Taehyung has Hansung's "I know nothing" kind of innocence. Innocence can move one's heart. In reality, Taehyung is my forever innocent baby brother. I think he'd still be my real baby brother no matter how old he turns.".

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(T/N: Only parts mentioning Taehyung were translated)

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