[Article] 170115 [31st GDA ②] Two awards aren't enough for BTS

The Daesang trophy went back to EXO at the end. BTS fans could not hide their disappointment. The group was mentioned as the new candidate of Daesang for their eye-catching accomplishments they achieved globally. However, they could not climb over the wall called "EXO".

However, it's a fact that they are a threatening group. "GDA" considers the album sales volume as the top criteria. They awarded the artists based on this even at this year's ceremony.

Last year, BTS's "WINGS" came 1st in Gaon Chart's "2016 Album Chart" and it was selected as the best selling album. According to the chart, their second full album "WINGS" recorded 751,301 sales and it topped the chart with unrivaled figures. This was the best selling album of 2016 and the highest figure in Gaon history.

Not only that, they are the first Korean artist to debut at No.26 on US Billboard and they also entered the 4 year end charts. We were able to reconfirm their global popularity and influence. Their album "WINGS" debuted at No.26 on Billboard's main chart - Billboard 200 and they stood next to world pop stars.

These could be the reasons why the fans are expressing their disappointment. BTS won the Bonsang and Global KPOP Artist awards at the 31st GDA ceremony which was held on 14th evening at KINTEX.
However, the fans were anticipating for the group to win the Daesang so the fans expressed disappointment. Two awards weren't enough. The fans sincerely congratulated the group and presented them with warm applause but they still felt disappointed.

But that does not mean you have to continue being disappointed. They have 2017 to look forward to. The group is planning to make a comeback this coming February. They have already grown massively, boasting fierce influences and the group is rising even more.
This, in turn, suggests BTS as a strong Daesang candidate in 2017.

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1. I choked while reading this article. Thank you. I hope BTS will show us a more eye-catching growth this year. +218 -19

2. BTS and their fans aren't a group and fans who become too upset or stay attached to such things, journalist. We will continue to support silently and cheer for our artist to create music they like. +203 -18

3. Fans and BTS aren't too attached to the awards. We are happy for our BTS when they win an award regardless of its category because it means their efforts have been recognized. I think it's the best to watch our BTS make good music and grow. And I believe they will grow bigger in 2017 without a doubt so I'm looking forward to the new year more!! fighting to BTS and ARMY in 2017! +187 -16

4. I'm sure that... BTS will comeback as ULTRA BTS! +183 -16

5. BTS would have won the award if they didn't count both Korean and Chinese versions... SM was able to sweep the Daesang for 15 years because they are the only company that releases 2 versions, making the Chinese fans to do group orders... I wonder if this is a fair standard? I'm sure even an elementary student would know the answer.. +183 -36

6. They say things get ugly when you are too attached to results.. I believe BTS is able to win more awards because they repeatedly tell us "We will repay you with better music and songs" and this shows their sincere and pure heart. They are a group I anticipate to look in the future! I hope you will do better next year! ㅠㅠ +77 -1

7. I always support BTS who make their own music and present us with perfect stage and performances with great skills. BTS is approved by Korea and internationally!! +70 -0

8. I think you will see good results when you guys continue to "fighting"! BTS, I hope you guys will fly higher~!! +75 -2

9. You will fly higher since you have begun to fly with your wings on. I'm very looking forward to 2017 BTS. +70 -1

10. You have taken a step at a time so you just need to continue doing so! You have a solid foundation which means you can build anything strong that will last long~♡ +63 -1

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