[Article] 170115 BTS tops the Boy Group Brand Reputation ranking... 2nd place EXO, 3rd place Seventeen, 4th place Big Bang

According to the Big Data analysis result of Boy group brand reputation, BTS came 1st, EXO 2nd, Seventeen 3rd and Big Bang at 4th place.

BTS is the winner of Album Bonsang and Global KPOP Artist awards at the 31st Golden Disk Awards Ceremony.

BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) recorded 2,990,328 in participant index, 5,904,756 in communication index and their overall brand reputation index was 8,895,084. 21% has increased compared to their score (7,313,394) in December last year.

Goo Changhwan, the head of the research Institute stated, "When we look into BTS's brand, words like "cute" "funny" "handsome" were highly shown in their link analysis. "Golden Disk", "Official shopping mall" and "Youtube" were highly shown in their keyword analysis. When we analyzed the negative and positive ratio analysis, they scored 71.21% positive."

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