[Article] 170116 "EXTENSION (S)" that will complete BTS's "WINGS" (WING.S)

Group BTS's move as the trend group will continue. The group will return with the Extension of "WINGS" which was the highest selling album of 2016.

According to BTS, "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" which will release on the 13th will contain the stories BTS could not include in their second full album "WINGS" released last October.

"WINGS" recorded 751,301 sales last year, the highest selling album of 2016 and it's the album that helped BTS to rise as a top group. There's a great anticipation for "WINGS Extension" that will continue the upturn of "WINGS". I wonder what kind of album "WINGS Extention" would be.

As BTS is a group that can produce their own title track, the members participated in composing, writing the lyrics and producing their new song/s. We can't help but wonder if the new song would be a strong dance track that will follow "FIRE" and "Blood Sweat & Tears" or a mellow hip hop song like "I NEED U".

The fact that this album is an "Extention" and not a "Special" or a "Repackage" album. Previously, BTS released only 4 versions of "WINGS"- "W", "I", "N", "G". Many assume this last "S" in "WINGS" to represent "Side story" or a "Spin-off".

The group has not revealed their concept yet. BTS has hinted their new album at every end of the year Gayo stages and there's a possibility that the group's stage at the recent KBS Gayo Daechukjae where they released the album title "You Never Walk Alone" could be hiding the concept for their new album.

BTS's comeback announcement has already stirred the KPOP industry although the album will release after 3 weeks. It looks like many teams who are preparing for a comeback in February are readjusting their comeback dates to avoid going head-to-head with BTS.

Also, the popularity of the trend group BTS was proved when the fans crashed the online music store websites to pre-order their album on the 25th.

BTS reached the top with a great upturn. We're anticipating to see what the final "S" in "WINGS" would look like and their "WINGS Extension album".

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1. I always marvel at BTS's talent and Bighit's story layout ㅜㅜ Extension? I thought they were geniuses. I'm only waiting for February 13th +87 -8

2. They always present us with concepts and albums beyond our expectations. BTS who I trust listening to~! +66 -3

3. I really want to see BTS with their WINGS Extensionㅠㅠ February 13th +76 -7

4. Are we finally going to see the complete form of WINGS?♡ I emptied my bank account happily yesterday♡ Album~ please come to me fast~ +75 -7

5. BTS, let's fly higher like your album title♡ BTS borahae♥♥♥ +47 -2

6. I'm a fan in my 30s... I pray WINGS Extension to hit daebak♡ +36 -2

7. BTS's album never disappoints us! I will look forward to it a lot this time too♡♡  I hope you will be able to fly higher in 2017~♡ +29 -1

8. I want to listen to their new song soon... +27 -1

9. I'm really really looking forward!! When will February 13th come +26 -1

10. I'm really looking forward to this! I was surprised to see their name at No.1 on Synnara real-time search ranking all day yesterday +25 -1

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