[Article] 170116 [XP Interview②] Cho Yoonwoo, "I hope the 6 "Hwarangs" could film a reality show together"

Since Hwarang is a drama based on the flowerboys of Silla, the group scenes of Hwarangs are receiving great love from its viewers. The shower scene that showed off the fit bodies of Hwarangs and the comical and cool sword dance scene received great attention.

Cho Yoonwoo first talked about the shower scene, "We were all disappointed with the shower scene because none of us had the time to prepare for it. Usually, we're informed at least 4 weeks before the shooting of such scenes so the actors can prepare for it but we were told about the shower scene on that same day. We all starved and did many push-ups.".
As for the sword dance scene, he said, "Hyungsik (ZEA), Minho (Shinee), and Taehyung(BTS) danced in front us. Seojoon hyung, Jihan and I stood behind them. The choreographer prepared a sword group dance for us but it was too difficult. The three members the front line could do it but the three of us at the back all froze and said, "This isn't right, we can't do this". Finally, Seojoon hyung told the staffs, "We really can't do this" so Minho simplified the moves.".

Even though it has been a while since they filmed the drama, Cho Yoonwoo shared the stories as if they just happened yesterday. He had a smile on his face the entire time. It seemed like he was happy just by recalling the memories.
"Since we're all men, it felt like we were a group of high school boys. We wouldn't talk much but we still had fun. We talked about childish things, sports, about acting, etc. Seojoon hyung was a great eldest hyung and Taehyung did well as the youngest. We teased Taehyung a lot because he is cute and I think that was how we grew closer. Taehyung has a unique way of talking and we would all imitate him so later, we couldn't help laughing whenever Taehyung said something."

He continued the cute episodes of Taehyung. "Taehyung is an idol so he's good at making charming gestures in front of cameras. He kept looking at the camera, and I think it's because of his habit on music shows. This resulted in NGs, and he reminded of my older self too and he was cute...". The reason why he mentioned Kim Taehyung a lot is because in the drama Yeowool (Cho Yoon woo) and Hansung (Kim Taehyung) are seen a lot together. This made Cho Yoonwoo and Kim Taehyung's relation more special like Yeowool and Hansung from the drama.

"Taehyung reminded of me during my debut work. I began to film with no knowledge in acting and this happened to Taehyung too. The amazing thing about Taehyung is that he is not embarrassed about not knowing something so he asks hyungs and tries to learn. I wasn't the only one, everyone at the drama set adored Taehyung."
Excluding eldest hyung Park Seojoon and maknae Kim Taehyung, surprisingly the four of them are 91ers. Cho Yoonwoo added, "It was great because it was like we had been friends forever. There could be an invisible competition since we're all 91ers but we gave advice to each other and enjoyed the shooting. I think it would be fun if "Hwarang" actors could film a reality show together."

When we asked him why he wanted to film a reality show, he replied, "Idol members had to go back to their job after "Hwarang", Hyungsik had another drama schedule and Seojoon hyung began filming for a movie. Sometimes 2 or 3 of us get together but it's difficult for all of us to meet together. We said let's meet on this Lunar New Year so I hope we can."

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