[Article] 170118 [Idol Maknae World②] Jungkook, Jinsol, Chanhee, Jeon Somi #Multi-idol-rising-stars

Sparkling idol groups are pouring out. Among these idol groups formed by members with different charms and personalities, we have the "rising multi-idols" who are the youngest members of each group. Jungkook from the popular trend group BTS, Jinsol from April, Kang Chanhee from SF9, and the shining center of I.O.I, Jeon Somi. We'll take a closer look at the rising maknae members who will lead the "maknae generation" of started by their senior idols.

◆ BTS Jungkook (1997)

Jungkook plays the role of "Golden Maknae" of BTS. He's 21 this year and despite his young age, he was given this nickname because he's good in everything he does. He's the main vocalist and the center member of the group who not only sings but performs their choreography in front. 
He has shown talents for us to look forward to his future in other fields like variety shows and acting. Jungkook appeared in the pilot of SBS "Flower Crew" last year and showed active performance in both flower road and dirt road with his strong strength and cool personality. Although he still hasn't tried acting in movies or dramas, we were able to take a glimpse of his acting in BTS's music video. Jungkook played the lead actor in BTS's Japanese song "For You" music video and he expressed the longing and affection for his lover who is away from him with his expressions. Also, he received attention for his short yet intense crying scene in BTS's second full album "WINGS" short film. With BTS's popularity rising every day, we're looking forward to the solo activities of Jungkook.

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1. Jungkook is talented in many things just like his nickname- the Golden Maknae!! +2402 -278

2. Jeon Jungkook fighting. BTS fighting♥ +1917 -246

3. Golden Maknae Jeon Jungkook! ㅋㅋㅋ +1829 -239

4. I love you, Golden Maknae Jungkook♥ +1711 -227

5. Jungkook is talented and he's nice too so I really like him. He looks like a genuine person... I hope you will succeed even more! +338 -39

6. Golden Maknaeㅋ I think they named him well ㅎ +327 -36

7. As expected from our Golden Maknae. He's a good dancer, he's good at sports and games. This is why he's the Golden Maknae! I hope you fighting this year too~ +338 -42

8. There's nothing our Golden Maknae can't do! He's a good dancer, singer and he's good at rapping and sports too~ +326 -38

9. We should include rap too +328 -41

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