[Article] 170119 "LOJ" BTS Jin gets bitten by mosquitoes, "How did the mosquito realize my attractive lips?"

How will the trend male celebrities react to mosquito attack?

For the 20th January broadcast of SBS "Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado", the story of "JinGong Brothers", eldest hyung BTS Jin and Gong Myung who weren't able to get proper sleep at night due to mosquitoes will be aired.

BTS Jin who suffered from mosquito attacks during the entire night woke up and checked the condition of himself like a narcist as soon as he woke up. However, the mosquito had bit his lips out of all places so his lips were badly swollen. Jin seemed flustered and said, "How did they realize I have attractive lips and attacked them?" and presented laughter to the family by praising himself.

Thoughtful Gong Myung even considered the mosquitoes. Gong Myung said, "Mosquito, you got to eat too. You got to eat to live.", and sacrificed himself as the food for the mosquitoes and he wasn't able to get any sleep due to the severe attack.

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