[Article] 170121 BTS donates 100 million won to 4/16 Sewol Families for Truth and A Safer Society

BTS and their company Bighit Entertainment donated 100 million won to 4/16 Sewol Families for Truth and A Safer Society.

Group BTS members and their company Bighit Entertainment recently donated 100 million won to 4/16 Sewol Families for Truth and A Safer Society formed by the bereaved family members of Sewol ferry disaster. Each of the seven BTS members donated 10 million won and their company donated 30 million won and made their donation more meaningful.

In the present situation where artists are added to the blacklist and treated unfairly for speaking about Sewol ferry disaster, BTS expressed their opinion by donating such large sum of money for the bereaved families without showing concerns about the blacklist which made their action more meaningful. Previously, BTS's fans also donated relief goods during the Sewol ferry disaster. The artist and their fans are all continuing their warm actions.

Their donation was not publicized because BTS believed donation should be done quietly. Also, BTS consoled the bereaved families and said they decided to donate because they wanted to help them in any little way they could. It was revealed that they decided to not publicize their donation.

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1. They did something nice (clap clap clap) +13418 -456

2. Yeol~ that's cool. You guys deserve to be praised +10534 -367

3. I'm not really their fan but this is cool... +10071 -420

4. They're doing something nice. Please succeed +9173 -339

5. They have beautiful hearts ㅠ +8128 -333

6. They write a song that talks about the current situation and now they even donated for Sewol Ferry disaster. This group really deserves our respect +2881 -80

7. I'm a middle school teacher. I'm not familiar with current idols and to me, Shinee is still like a rookie group ㅠ But BTS is really popular among middle school girls. I hope they become the group that influence children with positivity by doing many good deeds and showing them proper behaviors ^^ +2802 -77

8. They're a group with proper character. It wouldn't be easy people to donate even though they earn a lot... I hope they win the Daesang this year. Fighting! +2575 -68

9. As expected from idols with a proper notion. They volunteer at the orphanage and donated quietly. They did something wonderful again +2415 -55

10. I'm always proud to be ARMY +2248 -73

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