[Article] 170124 [Interview③] "Hwarang" Cho Yoonwoo reveals the best game player Park Hyungsik and the cutie Kim Taehyung

- The actors all look very close.
"We depended on each other a lot. It was like how close high school classmates gather around during break time and before the classes begin. Some of us who had time met for 3~4 times after the drama. Sometimes I personally meet one of them or meet all of them together."

- How was your first meeting?
"Many of us were the same age so it was kind of awkward. On the first script reading day, I wondered if we could really become close but fortunately everyone from our eldest hyung Seojoon to the youngest Taehyung were very nice. I got to meet wonderful people with good personalities."

- Any episode that brought you guys close?
"It was possible because of maknae Taehyung (BTS V). I think Taehyung played the biggest role. I think the cute maknae united his hyungs. We all got close by teasing Taehyung."

- What made Taehyung look especially cute?
"He has this unique tone. When Taehyung says the word "hyung" it's more like "hyeuung~". We call this half air and half sound. It was hilarious when Seojoon hyung caught this and imitated him. Also Taehyung has a bit of satoori accent and that was cute."

- What do you guys do when you meet outside?
"We went to an internet cafe. Even playing games brought us close. We played Overwatch and I think Hyungsik is really good at it like a pro gamer. It's really frustrating when you're not on the same team with Hyungsik. Seojoon hyung lost his temper many times. haha"

- I think all of you would be good at playing games
"Taehyung and I played Overwatch for the first time. We began together but now Taehyung's way better than me. Minho plays football games and I think it's because he likes football. He's the person with the most energy and overflowing desire for winning I've seen in my life."

- I think you guys would have gone for drinks too.
"We even drink when we meet. We're like guys around our age so we share similar interests like sports, games, women, etc. We get closer by talking about these things."

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