[Article] 170124 [SS ISSUE] The new year's resolutions of "WINGED" BTS members, "We hope the new year to be a sparkling year!"

2016 was a year that "put wings on" the members of BTS (Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook). Their goal for 2017 is to make it "sparkle just like the last year".

BTS's 2016 was hotter than any other group. Their second full album "WINGS" literally put wings on the group. The group debuted at No.26 on US "Billboard 200", which was the highest record by a Korean artist, they were also the first Korean artist to enter UK Official Chart Album at No.62 and the group topped Gaon Chart's "2016 Album Chart" by selling 751,301 copies. The group received attention domestically and globally.

BTS proved their 2016 performance by sweeping "4 awards" (Best Album, Bonsang, Music Video and Dance performance award) at the 26th Seoul Music Awards which was held on 19th January. BTS is the third group to win 4 awards in 6 years. The previous 4 awards winners were Big Bang at the 18th awards ceremony in 2008 (Best Album, Bonsang, Mobile and High1 Music Award), SNSD at the 20th awards ceremony in 2010 (Daesang, Bonsang, Special Hallyu and High1 Popularity Award). BTS also seized the Daesangs at "2016 MMA" and "2016 MAMA".

BTS who is starting their 5th year is preparing for a greater leap. The group will make a comeback on 13th February with "WINGS Extention: You Never Walk Alone". This album will hold the stories the group could not include in their second full album "WINGS" that received great love from around the world. Also, the group will be holding "2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III WINGS TOUR - in Seoul" on 18th and 19th February at Gocheok Dome, Seoul.

We listened to the thoughts and the new year's resolutions of BTS members when we met them recently.

◇ Rap Monster = 2016 was literally the most beautiful moment in our life. It was a year that upgraded us to the next level, making it possible for us to do what we want in the future. We have established a foothold that will listen to our story when we talk about something. I hope 2017 will be a year where we could raise our voice more and bring about a positive effect to those who watch us and to those who like us. Personally, I'm planning to release various music this year.

◇ Suga = 2016 was a meaningful year. We promoted happily because "WINGS" literally gave us wings. We'll be holding a tour in 2017 and this event will lead us to another level. My goal is to finish WINGS Tour well. I hope 2017 will to be a sparkling year like the last year. I focused on my solo activity last year by releasing my own mixtape, etc but this year I'm planning to focus on supporting the individual music activities of other members.

◇ Jin = 2016 was a joyful and a grateful year because we received so much of love which made me doubt if we really deserved all their love. I hope we will receive love in 2017 just like 2016. We will be holding our WINGS Tour this year and I hope we all enjoy the tour. Just like the title "WINGS", I hope our members would fly higher with their wings. Personally, I'm very interested in variety shows. I want to receive love from mothers and fathers. (Rap Monster  = Jin is very talented in variety shows. I hope you will invite him a lot.)

◇  J Hope = I was able to achieve my goals in 2016. Musically, I participated in making the intro for our second full album, video and I tried out other various things too. We also achieved our group goal which was to win the Daesang at the awards ceremony. It was a year I gained confidence, which is why I feel greedier this year (2017). We will be holding our WINGS Tour soon and I would like to focus on learning foreign languages to communicate with our international fans. Health is important too. Rap Monster and Suga released their mixtape and I think I should prepare for it too. I think about it a lot. I will spend a year with more goals/greed.

◇ Jimin = 2016 was a year full of happiness which I don't think I'd be able to experience again in the future. I hope 2017 will also be a year filled with such happiness. I hope our fans would be happy to and not just us. My goal is to show you more mature and cooler appearances. Personally, I wish I could grow taller by eating more food. (Rap Monster = 2016 was a year that rediscovered Jimin. He showed outstanding performances as the center member of "FIRE" and "Blood Sweat & Tears".)

◇ V = Our group and my personal goal for 2016 was to win the Daesang and we were able to achieve the goal thanks to the great love sent to us by our fans. Winning a Daesang is the ultimate goal and dream to a singer and I'm proud to accomplish this dream and I'm grateful to our fans. My goal for 2017 is to present really amazing stages that would make others tell us that it lives up to our title as the group that won the Daesang. Personally, I played the role of "Hansung" in the drama "Hwarang the Beginning" and I think I still don't deserve the "actor idol" title. My goal is to gradually increase my skills, receive recognition for my acting and reach the top around 2021. I would like to look forward to winning awards related to acting by then (2021).

◇ Jungkook = We were able to introduce ourselves to many KPOP fans in 2016. I hope every member of the group could maximize our own strength to our full extent. Personally, I hope I could create a song. I only wrote melodies until now but I would like to make the beats as well. I will certainly release my own song in any form before December 31st.

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