[Article] 170125 We didn't recognize him because he's from BTS, the rediscovery of "Hwarang" Kim Taehyung

"We needed an innocent nd bright image. We needed an actor with unique charm to express the pain behind the birth story of the many-sided character." (Yoon Sungsik PD)

Not many people expected much from his acting when BTS V stood in front of the audience for the first time as actor Kim Taehyung. He received sarcastic remarks on how idol actors easily take over characters with prominent roles and most importantly, people were worried for his first acting and for this first attempt in a historical drama.

During the press conference of KBS "Hwarang" on 16th last month, Yoon Sungsik PD revealed his trust in him, "I fell in love with him at first sight during the first meeting. I did worry since it was his first time acting but I realized he could improve enough with training after the reading. He suited the bright character of Hansung.".

As we opened the cover of the drama, Kim Taehyung did not have much screen time as we had expected. But, his presence was outstanding. He lived up as the indispensable character of flower Hwarangs with his cute and bright charms. Among the intense love triangle and fierce political fights, we couldn't help smiling when "Hansung" Kim Taehyung appeared on the screen.

When we thought he'd remain as the endlessly bright character, we were able to discover Hansung's true value. During episode 12, Kim Taehyung exploded his bottled up emotions towards his half-brother Kim Hyunjoon "Danse" and he did an excellent job at expressing the growing pains of his character between his status and ability.

On this episode, Kim Taehyung pretends to be sick and goes to see Go Ara in the infirmary. He goes to see her because he doesn't like to be compared to his half-brother during martial arts trainings. They were brothers but they had different birth mothers. All the expectations of the family fell on his shoulders since Hansung was the "true bone" but he didn't have the talent whereas his older half-brother is restricted in many ways although he's very talented.

He let out frustration for the first time to his older brother who tried to teach him swordsmanship, "Our status should have changed. Then you would have restored our family. I'm not good with the sword and I only enjoy doing things like watching the stars in the sky. I'm a flaw but what could I do? This is who I am.".

When Hansung revealed his hidden scars, Kim Taehyung's acting ability was revealed to us at the same time. He looked naive when he pretended to be sick while picking his nose as he talked with "Aro" Go Ara but we could also feel jealousy, respect and a sense of guilty when he cried out loudly at his older brother Danse.

The audience showed good response too. They were able to share the internal suffering of Hansung and they praised Kim Taehyung's acting. We might not be able to say his acting was the greatest but he was actually quite good. We rediscovered actor Kim Taehyung covered by BTS.

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1. Keuu... he said his goal was to aim for an award for actors around 2021. He's doing well gradually so I think it's going to be possible. Taetae fighting +228 -3

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2. Taehyung, you did well ♥♥♥♥ +200 -2

3. His acting in yesterday's episode was great. I couldn't believe his great expressions when this is his first acting. There's nothing our Taetae can't do. Pretty thing +197 -2

4. Hansung-rang! +185 -1

5. I love articles like this.. Hansung, fighting! +184 -3

6. I think he's expressing his character well and I can't believe this is his first acting.. you did well♡ +81 -1

7. He was acting really well~ He really fits the character of Hansung! I could see you during scenes of playful Hansung ㅎㅎ +63 -0

8. ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ well done our puppy +59 -1

9. cute♡ +57 -1

10. But I thought he did well? +53 -1

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