[Article] 170127 "LOJ" BTS Jin suffers from fatigue after going under water...

Group BTS Jin who went to the survive on "Law of the Jungle" showed signs of fatigue and startled the fans. 

On the January 27th broadcast of SBS "Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado", scenes of Jin, Sleepy, and Solbi surviving on their own away from the main team were broadcasted. 

Even though he's the youngest member among the three, he displayed a sense of responsibility- "Since Sleepy hyung is not good at going underwater and Solbi noona is afraid of water, I think at least I should go (hunting) for us to fill our stomach.".

It began to rain continuously but Jin went fishing with Sleepy and they successfully caught fish by intensely devoting to hunting.

However, Jin's face turned dark as soon as they got on the boat after the hunt. Jin said, "I think I might throw up" and complained of dizziness and other signs of fatigue. He had reached the limit to his vitality from not being able to eat proper meals, accumulated fatigue, and the sea hunt.

Sleepy and Solbi helped Jin to lean back and fortunately, he recovered immediately when the team doctor injected him with vitamins. This relieved the fans. 

Meanwhile, Chief Byungman had to survive on his on during this episode. He could not hide bafflement when he saw a flock of ominous birds when he arrived at the rock island. 

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1. Please don't overwork ㅠㅠ +1547 -77

2. You're really working hard and it's cool! Jin, please don't be sick ㅠㅠ +1320 -72 

3. I was so worried although I was just watching a show...  I hope the other teams survive safely...! +1223 -65

4. ...please don't be sick +1097 -65

5. He must have been really tired since he joined the team right after Melon Music Awards. You worked really hard ㅜㅠ +198 -8

6. He's really nice... BTS members' personalities shine wherever they are +195 -10

7. It must have been really tiring with their hectic schedule too. He went through  a lot of hardship +196 -12

8. He took care of his hyung and noona even when he was sick and he even joked too ㅠㅠ he's so kind ㅜㅜ +189 -11

9. We can see that you're working hard. Seokjin, let's not get sick~ +173 -9

10. He went to the jungle when BTS was given a break and he only got to eat half of the food he usually eats. That explains why he lost so much of weight. Jin, you worked hard. +146 -5

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