[Article] 170127 "LOJ, exhausted BTS Jin... he recovers thanks to Sleepy's kind caring"

BTS Jin suffered from exhaustion at "Law of the Jungle".

The January 27th broadcast of SBS "Law of the Jungle in Kota Manado" will air the scenes of two jungle family teams surviving without their chief. BTS Jin who had to survive with Sleepy and Solbi showed sense of responsibility and said, "I think at least I should hunt to fill ourselves since Sleepy hyung can't go underwater and Solbi noona is afraid of water.", despite being the youngest in the team.

Even though it was difficult to go diving because of the continuous rain, Jin went to the sea with Sleepy. They successfully caught fish by intensely devoting themselves.

However, as soon as they got back on the boat after their hunting, Jin's face rapidly turned dark. He soon complained of dizziness and showed signs of exhaustion. He had reached the limit to his vitality from not being able to eat proper meals, accumulated fatigue, and the sea hunt.

It's said Jin was able to recover soon thanks to Solbi and Sleepy's kind caring and continued his survival in the jungle.

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