[Article] 170127 [Report@Korean New Year's Day] "Daesang singers" EXO-BTS-Twice, what will they be doing this Korean New Year holiday?

EXO, BTS, and TWICE were able to win the title "Daesang singer" for spending the most splendid 2016. We can't help but wonder what Korean New Year day represent to the three teams who are ready to run another blazing year in 2017. Will they be busy with another schedule or will they be resting with their families? We've asked them.

"How will Daesang singers spend their Korean New Year holiday?"

(T/N: I only translated parts mentioning BTS)

Group BTS's 2016 was special. BTS gradually expanded their fandom since 2014 and the group grew at fierce rate in 2016. They won the "Album of the Year" award at "Melon Music Awards", "Artist of the Year" award at" MAMA" and "Best Album" at "High1 Seoul Music Awards". BTS's presence is overwhelming among both Korean and international fans.

For BTS who has run through last year with no pause, their company carefully planned a break for the members. The group has a new album releasing in February and concerts as well but the company tuned their schedules so they can spend the holiday on their own. An official of their company stated, "The members will be spending the New Year holiday on their own.". 

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