[Article] 170128 "LOJ" BTS Jin, the standards of a leader which even they should learn from him

Group BTS Jin touched the viewers with his sense of responsibility by displaying his fighting spirit despite poor health. He showed aspects of chief's best student by volunteering to jump into the dark sea for his elder brother and sister.

Kim Byungman, actor Yoon Dahoon, rapper Sleepy, actor Gong Myung, singer Solbi, girl group Cheng Xiao and Jin have been surviving in
Kota Manado on SBS "Law of the Jungle". The members were given the unique mission to survive without 3 elements during this season. 

The last mission was to survive without their chief Kim Byungman. The Jungle family divided into 3 teams, Kim Byungman on his own, Yoon Dahoon, Gong Myung, and Cheng Xiao formed one team while Sleepy, Solbi, and Jin formed another. The viewers were half worried and looked forward to the destiny of these two teams without Kim Byungman.

However, the rising chief candidate Jin moved the viewers with his overflowing courage and responsibility he had learned from Kim Byungman's teaching. Jin is the cowardly member among the Kota Manado casts but he was the member in mental strength and sense of responsibility. Even he could not easily jump into the dark night sea because he was as scared as others but he bravely volunteered to jump into the water after considering Sleepy and Solbi.

He complained of sudden fatigue after his successful fishing so he was moved to the base camp urgently but despite all this, he showed willpower of nonquitter by returning to the set again. He felt sorry to Sleepy and Solbi who worried about him and he showed thoughtfulness by smiling more.

People who had know Jin as the eldest hyung of BTS and a member of the splendid trend idol could not help falling in love with Jin's genuine personality. In previous episodes, he delighted his teacher Kim Byungman with his brightness by learning 10 things when his teacher thought him 1 secret. This once again proved the show to be a literal "fan recruiting" show as he presented the viewers with his sense of responsibility and thoughtfulness.

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1. Seokjinㅜㅠ You get along with the maknaes of your group although you're the eldest hyung and you don't even try to boss them around for being the eldest ㅜ you're always bright and positive ㅠ the more you see Seokjin, you'll realize what a cute, pretty and warm hearted person he isㅜ +335 -10

2. You can tell that his group is a popular group by looking at his sense of responsibility. BTS fighting +292 -12

3. Seokjin's charm is throwing his ahjae jokes all the time with a smile but he has a strong personality to finish the task he's given with responsibility. People who see him for the first time or fans who only follow Jin look at his face only but... most of us like Jin for being a hard worker with an iron like willpower. During the last episode of LOJ, he looked scared but eventually, he started the fire and hunted for his team. I'm disappointed by the show video provided by Naver +276 -12

4. It was nice to see him trying to do his best without showing how tired he is! It's a relief that he returned safely~~!! +234 -11

5. He's handsome;; ㅠㅠ I'm a woman and I'm jealous +194 -12

6. Seokjin has a handsome face but he also has a strong mental and his positive personality makes him cooler. He was so cool during yesterday's LOJ episode +33 -0

7. This team wasn't lucky but it was nice to see them working hard until the end. Jin, Solbi and even Sleepy +30 -0

8. He has a strong sense of responsibility and he's cool +26 -0

9. Seokjin oppa, you worked hard ㅠㅠ +25 -0

10. I was shocked by his handsome face and shocked again by his very positive personality~ the chemistry of the three members was beautiful~ +24 -0

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