[Article] 170129 BTS is No.1 on the Singer Brand Reputation Ranking... No. 2 TWICE, No. 3 EXO

According to the Big Data analysis result of Singer brand reputation for 2017 January, BTS ranked No. 1, TWICE at No. 2, and EXO at No. 3.

The research institute analyzed 147,957,801 brand big data of singers from 2016 December 27th to 2017 January 28th and analyzed the particpant rate of consumers, media, interaction, and communities. Compared to last December, Singer brand big data has decreased by 2.87% (152,327,713).

The following is the order for the singer brand reputation ranking of January 2017- BTS, TWICE, EXO, Seventeen, I.O.I, Black Pink, Red Velvet, Big Bang, Mamamoo, Lim Changjung, VIXX, Taeyeon, ZICO, Infinite, IU, BTOB, Sech Kies, Bolbbalgan, BewhY, Heize, Gfriend, Lovelyz, Han Donggeun, Sung Sikyung, Park Hyoshin.

BTS recorded 4,566,370 in brand participation index, 4,566,370 in media participation index, 5,551,524 in communication participation index, 558,050 in community participation index and won the first place with 15,940,973 brand reputation participation index. The figure has increased by 25.52% compared to their December brand reputation index  (12,699,613).

Goo Changhwan, the head of the research Institute stated, "According to the brand reputation analysis, BTS came first. The reaction of the consumers increased with BTS members appearing more actively on reality shows in January. BTS who debuted at No.26 on US Billboard 200 last year with WINGS and entered the UK Chart at No. 62 will be releasing a new album on February 13th.".

He continued, "When we look into BTS's brand, words like "cute" "big" "donation "participated" were highly shown in their keyword analysis. As for the link analysis, "Law of the Jungle, Golden Disk, Fansign event" were highly shown. The ranking based on analysis of postive, they recorded 87.08%.

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