[Article] 170129 BTS Jin tries to make memories with a dog?... in reality, he's "completely ignored"

Group BTS Jin tried to make memories with a dog.

On the 29th, BTS Jin shared several photos with the tweet "개무시" on their official Twitter account.

(T/N: 개무시 (gaemushi) - 개 = dog but 개 can also be a slang for 정말/완전 (really, completely, very) when it's used with other words (eg. 개좋아 really like it but 개 좋아 = (I/you/she/he/etc) like/s dog) . 무시 = ignore. Jin's tweet 개무시 = ignored completely) 

In the photos, Jin tries to approach the dog to play with it but the dog ignores him completely. 

Meanwhile, BTS will comeback on February 13th with "WINGS Extension: You never walk alone". 

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