[Article] 170129 [★Lunar New Year greeting] "Welcome, first time with acrostic poem?" BTS Suga's aspiration

BTS member Suga who is a rooster according to the Chinese zodiac made a new year resolution using acrostic poem.

We listened to BTS's special New Year message and their plans for the year. 93er Suga who was born in the year of the Rooster shared a very original message.

"Suga will greet you with acrostic poem for the first time! 슈 (Su), Suga will! 가 (ga) spend the most busiest 2017. " (T/N: ga-jang (the most)

It's short but it's also a strong message. BTS received great love and won the Daesangs at the year end awards ceremonies last year. The group plans to repay their fans' love by promoting actively. They are currently preparing a new album to continue their "Blood Sweat & Tears" and the members asked their fans to look forward to their new album.

"In 2017, the year of the Rooster, we are planning to meet our fans around the world at the "WINGS Tour" which will begin next month with "Seoul Concert". We will fly to you with our "WINGS" on just like the title so we hope you will wait for us a bit more. We worked hard to prepare our new album "WINGS Extension: You Never Walk Alone" which will release on 13th February so we hope you will look forward to it and send us a lot of love. More than anything, we sincerely wish and support many people to stay healthy and happy this year. Happy new year!"

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