[Article] 170131 BTS to launch backpacks and other celebrity collaboration products

Group BTS will be launching travel carriers, backpacks, and hand cream.

The star collaboration company JSMD revealed on 31st that they will launch travel carriers, backpacks, and hand cream together with BTS.

The company joined hands with Bighit Entertainment and planned in advance to meet BTS's world tour schedules. They will be presenting high-quality products to fans as well as the consumers. 

JSMD stated, "These star collaboration products aren't simply products with high degree of completeness. The star's lifestyle will naturally market the products, building a high trust with consumers.".

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1. I can already hear my money exiting from my bank account☆ +5 -0

2. oh~!! A collab with BTS.. I'm really looking forward!!! +4 -0

3. Wow I really love this but Bang PD-nim, can you please give a little time off to my bank... +3 -0

4. I want to see the products soon. I wonder how they'd look like. I want to buy them, I want to buy them +3 -0

5. I will get them~ I'm really anticipating ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +3 -0

6. Lost my bank account... but I'm still curious how the products will look like...! I want to see them soon! hehehehehe +2 -0

7. My bank account... +1 -0

8. heol I was going to buy a travel carrier! Daebak this must be fate... +1 -0

9. And my 통장 (bank account) turns into a 텅장 (empty account)... I should get a backpack for my younger brother/sister as a present for entering high school... +1 -0

(T/N: 통장 (tongjang/ bank account). 텅장 (teongjang/ slang made by combining 통장 and 텅 (teong = empty/hollow). wordplay) 

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