[Article] 170201 The space between BTS V and Kim Taehyung

When idols start their acting career as well, they usually use their real name and not their stage name. It could be to show their determination to show a different side of their image to the public and to escape from the stereotype we have towards the idols.

When BTS V debuted as an actor in December with KBS2 "Hwarang", he also used his real name "Kim Taehyung". There's something interesting and it's that the characteristics of idol V were fused in the character "Hansung" played by Kim Taehyung.

"Hwarang" is a youth historical drama that talks about love and growth of Hwarangdo during Silla. The lead characters are Moomyeong (Sunwoo) played by Park Seojoon, Sammaekjong (King Jinheung) played by Park Hyungsik and Aro who receives love from both men played by Go Ara. There are three more handsome Hwarangs along the main characters, Banryu (Do Jihan), Sooho (Choi Minho) and Yeowool (Cho Yoonwoo) with their own little stories. This is why Hansung could only get a little part. He gets less than 5 minutes screentime in every episode.

Nevertheless, his presence is extraordinary. With the love triangle and political stories turning fierce in Hwarang, the viewers expressed that the scenes of Hansung's appearance acted like vitamins for the drama.

Hansung is very curious Jingol aristocrat with a whimsical personality. He builds harmonious relationship wherever he goes with is warm and friendly personality. Hansung's character is quite similar to V when he's an idol. V is the "King of friendship" among the members of his group BTS. His nickname explains his friendliness. Even the co-actors of "Hwarang" agreed that V is a person with lots of aegyo (cuteness) in his personality.

Scenes of Hansung following behind Moomyeong and talking with Hwarang doctor Aro who is not from a noble family without any prejudice displayed the natural charms of V and completed the character of lovely Hansung.

At the same time, even Hansung has his own story. Hansung's brother Danse (Kim Hyunjoon) is a half noble. Hansung has a sense of guilt and jealousy as his hyung who is much more talented than him cannot climb higher due to his status. Furthermore, he carries a sense of responsibility and burden as he represents his family.

Actor Kim Taehyung expressed the bottled-up emotions of Hansung with his eyes. On episode 14 which broadcasted on the 14th, Hansung shed tears in silence when Danse was whipped by his grandfather. When his grandfather told him with a glare, "He's taking this whips on behalf of you", Hansung replied, "Yes, grandfather" and shivered in fear. He described Hansung's sorriness to Danse and his fear for his grandfather.

Kim Taehyung's acting shined as he tried to press down his tangled emotions in  episode 4 where Hansung decided to join Hwarang which he had tried to turn down all along, and in episode 12 when he cried out "Our status should have changed at birth." to his brother Danse. Considering "Hwarang" is his debut drama, his eyes that expressed the sadness and anger were beyond our expectation.

Standing between V and Kim Taehyung, he got off a good start with Hansung. Of course, there are areas he has to improve to become a better actor but considering he selected a historical drama as his debut work, we're looking forward to a better performance in his next work. What could be the next role he'd button up/secure?

(T/N: 첫 단추를 잘 꿰다 = (literal translation) to button the first button well (expression that's similar to "step off on the right foot/get off a good start) )

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Response +582

1. BTS is the group that recently caught my attention and I didn't know there was a member who is acting~^^ I support you~!! +582 -1

2. It was really sad to watch him cry yesterday ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I could feel how bad he felt for his brotherㅠㅠ I hope Hansung will grow and become a talented Hwarang in the future! +535 -2

3. I thought he did a good and cute job at expressing the bright character that suited his character's young age. His emotional acting was beyond my expectation, like the scene where he shed tears yesterday. As a supporter, I'm happy to see him starting off well. I will continue to support you. Kim Taehyung fighting! BTS fighting! +487 -1

4. Yesterday was so sadㅠㅠ +401 -1

5. Our Taehyung is doing well~ I will support you always!! +387 -2

6. Considering this is his first acting, he did beyond my expectation. It's been a while since we last saw an idol actor who didn't get slandered for his acting +105 -1

7. I think it's great that even actors found a great drama. Taehyung, you did well. +91 -1

8. You really did a good job at yesterday's scene and I heard Taehyung will play an active role next week so I'm anticipatingㅜㅜ Taehyung, let's continue to do well! You're doing well so far! +87 -1

9. Our Hansung is doing well! +87 -1

10. I was sad to watch Taehyung cry yesterday. I hope you will practice and learn more so people will call you an idol who acts well. I will always support you +82 -1

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