[Article] [2017 Boy group Taro prediction④] BTS "sensitivity and humanity are the keys to the arrow and the target"

We took a look at the tarot reading of boy group BTS, the rising star of the Year of Rooster. Mr. Kim Youngjoon, the excavator of Tarot of Marseilles did a tarot card reading for the new year.
The reader carefully selected each astrology cards (above) and the colorful tarot cards (below) while thinking about the faces of the group. The interpretation of the different Zodiac signs and the colored cards combined produce the readings.
Tarot card reading serves to predict your future. Let's take a closer look and read the hopeful leads and dangers. The future is not here yet.

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"It's okay to take things slow... Sensitivity and humanity are the keys to unlocking the target"
BTS displayed passionate stages with their title track "Blood Sweat & Tears" from their recently released second full album. Their perfect in sync group choreography makes their stage shine brighter. The seven members moving as one reminds us of a solid architecture. The white card (first card on the right) represents perfectionism, conservative and authoritative hidden inside the group. The members go through extreme practices to produce magnificent stages and it's important for the members to express their moves flawlessly. However, at times the humanity and natural aspects make one look more favorable. If they're able to solve the problem mentioned above, the group will achieve good results due to the astrology cards that look like "the target" and "the arrow" (top, first card on the left, third card).

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