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170101 Gayo Daejaejun
Hi, my winter

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1. he's a fairy ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ (sobs)

2. his visual transformed the poor stage into a movie set

3. omg... Taehyung.... you are incredibly handsome... for real...

4. seriously he can't be a human

5. I question if he's a human.. he is so beautiful... why is he pretending to be a human when he's a fairy... ha... oh god I'm so angry because he's so gorgeous.. I f*cking love you, Taetae

6. seriously I can't believe he (fansite master) is a guy...

ㄴ he's a fanboy????????? heol this is daebak
ㄴ yep he's a fanboy

7. (inhales, exhales) I got to calm down. I can't stan more groups
ㄴplease come join us~

ㄴ welcome~

8. that was the legendary day...

9. wow he's really handsome... how can someone look like that?

10. wow... if there's a devil as handsome as he is.. I'd go to hell...

(wiggles) (coffin when I die from cuteness) (I died today again from my baby's cuteness. I should get inside the coffin.. I wonder how many times I've entered this thing..)

11. ha... I've met my boys so... this was a somewhat a good life.. (collapses)

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