[Letters] 170101 From K-ARMYs

[From Nate PANN Fantalk (Eppis (이삐) - Jimin calls ARMYs "Eppi" (이삐/ Eppis (pl) 이삐들) and this means "lovely/pretty person/people)]

[1] 16.12.16
Hi, I'm KARMY. I can only send my heart to you by leaving a comment on the Internet because we/I don't have the opportunity to talk with International ARMYs. Many Korean ARMYs know that you guys work really hard for BTS. I had a bad image about International fans who support Korean singers but my thoughts changed tremendously after watching the International fans of BTS. Thank you very much for changing my perspective. They say fans are like their singers and I believe this is true to all ARMYs around the world. I'm very grateful for your effort and I hope we will become a fandom that continues to work hard in the proper manner for BTS. You know that we're one regardless of where we live, right? Thank you and I love you.

[2] 16.12.16
To my dearest and my favorite International Eppisㅠㅠ♡ It must be hard for you guys to support a foreign singer from far but thank you very much for always doing your best in various ways to help our BTS climb higher. I'm really proud of youㅎㅎ Honestly, I'm amazed and surprised to see your strong unity and this reminds us to work harder too. Although I feel that there's distant between us, I marvel at the memes and jokes Eppis make/share and I can see your precious hearts and realize that Eppis love BTS as much as we do when I read cute Youtube comments and the distant I felt between us disappears for real... I hope Eppis will feel the same way! And I'm so proud and delighted to see our ARMYs, both Korean and International Eppis working hard to become a better fandom ㅎ And lastly, you know the phrase "teamwork makes the dream work" said by Namjoon. Let's become the fandom who will show a worldwide fantastic teamwork! That would help us to move higher and make it possible for us to achieve bigger dreams, right? I know we can do this. We might be living in different countries but we have one mind. Ah, and even I'm doing the music video streaming battle too ㅎ I'm #TeamFire. My TeamFire FAM, I care about all of you a lot!♡ International ARMYs, I love you and purple you~~ (and I can't express how grateful I am to the Eppi who delivering this message♡♡ You might not know but I sometimes read your translations. Eppi jjangjjangmanㅎ)

[3] 16.12.17
International ARMYs are always doing great work so I have no worry but these days it's the flu season, isn't it? ㅠㅠㅠ I wish you stay healthy and safe wherever you might be living right now and I hope you end 2016 well and spend a joyful 2017..♡

[4] 16.12.17
We all live in different countries but we're one! Let's smile always. ARMYs, I love you:) ♡

[5] 16.12.18
It would never be easy for people around the world to support foreign singers but please tell them that their hard work and efforts for BTS are beautiful♥♥

[6] 16.12.18
I'm grateful to all of you for doing many things that help BTS from around the world. This is something both International and Korean ARMYs should thank each other but I really didn't know you guys worked so hard like this. I was really touched. I hope we could continue to stay happy together with BTS. I love you so much♡♡

[7] 16.12.18
The fact that we're enjoying the same music in the same generation make me feel like we're next to each other so I hope you will continue to support and love BTS without feeling down because BTS is far away from you...

[8] 16.12.18
In 10 years there will be a moment when we will share a memory of supporting a group called BTS and being a part of ARMY in a corner of our hearts. I wish we will continue to stay together

[9] 16.12.18
It must be frustrating and hard due to the language barrier but thank you for loving BTS despite these difficulties. I think it's really amazing how we can unite as one with love for our singer although we come from different countries. Korean ARMYs are very touched and proud to see International ARMYs working hard for BTS. Let's lead a joyful and beautiful fan life!

[From Instiz ARMYs (TANSOs (탄소) = 방"탄소"년단]

[1] 17.01.01
Thank you. Your support and love bring great happiness to bts but also to Korean ARMYs.

[2] 17.01.01
BTS loves ARMYs around the world!

[3] 17.01.01
2! 3! Firstly, Happy New Year! Although we're from different countries and speak the different language, I'm very grateful to you as an ARMY. Let's walk straight ahead while holding our hands together!

[4] 17.01.01
It's difficult (for us) to wait for BTS in Korea so I can't imagine how difficult it might be for ARMYs waiting for them outside Korea. But thank you for loving and showing interest to BTS♥ Let's stay together for a very, very long time

[5] 17.01.01
Honestly, it wouldn't be easy to understand a foreign language and their culture but thank you very much for loving and support BTS like this!

[6] 17.01.01
I'm happy to support BTS together with you guys. Let's continue to support and love BTS together for a long time.

[7] 17.01.01
I often watch reaction videos of International ARMYs and it's really nice to see you guys looking happy when the boys won the Daesang and also when you wish them happy birthday.
And I'm touched to see you greeting cutely in Korean and singing along the songs ㅜㅜ let's happily enjoy BTS's music and dance together!

Happy new year! 
I thought it would be nice if I could deliver letters the other way around so I asked K ARMYs if they wanted to send any messages and ta-dah! :)
I will try to get this site ready soon but this is my first time on Wordpress so it takes time to get anything done here lol but it will be ready soon!
No re-posting, screenshots. (I still saw my translations going around without credits on my timeline even after mentioning this but I hope some of you stop doing that because it's not your translation.)
You can use my translations to translate into your language but please credit me! (You don't have to ask me about this, thank you for using my translations!)

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