[Misc] 170104 Changes in Gaon Chart

(1) Source Null Tweets


"WINGS" was almost the confirmed winning album for the 4th quarter but now we can't be sure so it's reasonable for our fandom to be upset. This makes our December group order meaningless.

So how did Gaon Chart Awards change?

Before: They counted the album sales only during that quarter period
After: They count album sales for 6 weeks since the release of the album during its quarter period.

Our December group order has become meaningless. They will be extending the period to count the sales of the albums released during the end of December.

When we apply this changed rule to "WINGS". The sales volume during the 6 weeks is 680,000 copies. They sold the most number of albums compared to other candidates for now. But if that group sells +300,000 copies in the next 1 month, Gaon Chart 4th quarter "Album of the Year" will fly away from us. Of course, it's unlikely but...


(2) Instiz BTS room

Current situation of Gaon Chart
1. We were 99% sure we'd win the 4th quarter Album of the year award but Gaon Chart suddenly made an announcement. Although this announcement was released in 2017, they will be applying this to the albums which were released in 2016
(changes: sales for 6 weeks will be counted after album's release date)

2. We've already exceeded the 6 weeks and other artists have about 3 more weeks. Originally they only counted until December 31st which was why we did group orders and also purchased albums on our own but due to this changes, group orders/individual purchases will not influence the result

*they didn't release this beforehand in 2016. They announced in 2017 but they said they'll be applying this changes to 2016 albums*

(3) Source Light_b (tweets after talking with Gaon)

Replies by Gaon Chart

1) The changes make it fairer
2) Sudden change is not an issue
3) We’re not obliged to announce the criteria beforehand
4) However, we’ve understood your concerns
5) so we will discuss again
6) leave a post in our website for faster and accurate answers

I called Gaon Chart and
1) when I asked them if the change will be applied from this year’s award ceremony and they said yet
2) I asked for the reason behind this sudden change and they said it’s to make the award ceremony fairer
3) I said it’s not right to make changes so suddenly with the awards ceremony in a month and asked shouldn’t they be changing from next year and they asked me why is the change a problem when they’re just trying to hold an awards ceremony based on fairer methods
4) When I asked them isn’t Gaon Chart Award based on Gaon Chart and they said they decided it was fairer to count the music sale for albums that are released at the end of the month.
5) I asked them if it wasn’t unfair since the sales for albums which released in 2016 have been finalized already but according to the new rule, albums which were released in the mid~end of December are being counted still but they replied how is this unfair because these albums are all counted within the same period (6 weeks from the day of the release)
6) They said no other award ceremonies have been this transparent about their criteria and that they had no obligation to notify the changes beforehand. So I told them the previous ceremonies have been reflecting their charts and asked them wouldn’t it be correct to apply new rules starting from next year. They replied that they understand what I meant and said they will discuss this matter.


  1. now we can't do anything... its frustrating as hell but let's make new records in 2017 that no one will be able to beat.

  2. The truth is BTS is being sabotaged by companies that feel scared of BTS flying higher than their group so they use every method to make them not to win or starting rumor

  3. dont be like this. they didnt even say anything about about bts. everyone has a right to be here as long as they behave

  4. ngl, i anticipate bts winning Q4 at gaon so this sudden change sounds fishy to me. but i hope that armys remain calm and collected about the sudden change. and tbh i'm not into believing the whole "big3 sabotaging bts" cause other artists such as taemin is affected as well. on the upside, so many achievement happen in the span of 3 months, let us celebrate it, and work harder for the next comeback and awards

  5. I'm pretty sure they could have sacrificed Taemin for their groups tbh but yeah, let's chill with the conspiracy theories and just be happy knowing that in reality, BTS were the ones to break Gaon records

  6. It is indeed fairer this way. Otherwise any albums that are released at the end of any quarter will be of disadvantage. But I do agree that this rule change should apply starting 2017, not suddenly at the end of 2016 when they realize who is of disadvantage.

  7. You speak the truth, my friend

  8. Hello guys, i'm a non army, i don't stan anybody by the way even tho i have a soft spot for BTS.
    Can someone give me link or give me the rank now that they changed "the rules"? Thank you

  9. Lilac Panther (Luna)4 January 2017 at 06:59

    Army at pretty chill , we won't over react over something like this

  10. From what I gathered, bangtan is still at top with albums, but if /another/ fandom buys 300k of their groups album by the end, they will beat bts.
    This is the reason why its unfair.

    I got this from commentors, so I idk.

  11. They were mad at jaejoongs voting, now this. Their own people shitting on them...woop-dee-doo.

  12. Koro JelaBEACH-sensei4 January 2017 at 10:26

    True that. I want BTS to be judged according to professional standards, not according to fandom votes. The input from professional judges still matters to me.

  13. I couldn't agree more!

  14. SM never care about shinee , now i more pissed

  15. lol wow thats why people never give a damn about SK and their award shows . they just always make a bad image about them self with their Mafia act , bravo .
    how i wish BTS dont attend in awards like that . If Big Hit dont do anything im going seriously disappoint on them .
    BTS now grow so much at least show some respect to them .
    Big Hit show some guts .They just talk but in real they dont do anything .

  16. honestly. I'm tired of those award, shows, sales etc..i don't care anymore

  17. That's not true. Big Hit always prioritizes the health, wellbeing and reputation of BTS above anything else. They know what they are doing, and they cannot just act whatever they want to to do at the splurge of emotions becaus this will only cause more drama and ruin the entire company's image. Did you see the Big 3s who are even more powerful making a move? Of course not.. because they know that these Korean awarding shows have already been always like this and they just have to ride the wave and go with the flow! The fans can go complain for them instead. And with regards to Big Hit suing and seems like they did not do anything and being useless, well you're wrong. Just making the first step of finding culprits is already a huge step for a company particularly Big Hit, and Kpop companies rarely do that for their idols. Take note that doing legal actions take a long time because they have to confirm everything first and investigate and gather evidences, etc. So all of us ARMYs have to do now is just trust Big Hit and continue supporting BTS in whichever way we can.

  18. Yeah I agree about them sacrificing Taemin because we all know who this company's favorite children are and they just released a repackaged album at last week of December and this will be advantageous to them.

  19. Honestly, they don't deserve BTS. Our boys are much better and deserve the world, they're too precious for some vulgar award show.

  20. bullshit! BTS deserve the award ㅠㅠ

  21. BTS said it themselves that they don't aim for the awards. Their goal is to make better music and performances. But of course, it would also be nice if they get the award they deserve.

  22. Gaon is equivalent to Japan's Oricon and US Billboard. But now, I just lost all my respect to South Korea's largest music chart, especially to its own Gaon Music Awards... I thought Gaon was different and an institution with principles in good faith, but turned out they are not. They are just all the same! The changing of rules at the very last minute at a disadvantage to many is very fishy and suspicious and they look like they just got paid big time.

    I'm completely disappointed with the Kpop awarding shows-- I am not generalizing the entire Korean Music Industry because Korean music doesn't evolve in Kpop. But Gaon is like all the bad grumpy ahjussis and all the cold brat chaebols I see a lot in Korean dramas, be it in company or government setting, who are very corrupt and unjust, easily blinded by money, power, and fame. Such a shame. I cannot trust anyone from Kpop industry anymore, not even Gaon, the awarding shows like MAMA and Melon, even GDA and SMA, and KBS, SBS, MBC, and especially the BIG 3. They all did shit to BTS because of their crab mentality. I only trust BTS, Big Hit, and ARMYs from now on.

  23. them sucking up to big three is exactly what represents the flawed business system Korea, bureaucracy that caused many disasters including the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 issue. They'll only keep losing business to other countries if don't they stop sucking up and start empowering smaller companies,which applies to every sector.

  24. BTS should just boycott Gaon

  25. Then they should consider Wings 4th quarter sales for the next cycle. Or have an award just for killer 4th Quarter sales. Not just make a change and do nothing else.

  26. im support them like bought their album not for awards but MUSIC... i really like bts music style.
    its okay i will be waiting for their next album ^^


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