[Misc] 170117 Please focus on streaming on Spotify and Youtube!

I assume you would be confused after reading my first tweet regarding this issue. I tweeted the first message because that was what I was told by the person I spoke to on the phone and I received the same response after calling Genie (I have a recording of the conversation) but another agent told me something different. They said the streaming will be reflected on the charts if we use a proper ID and it might not be counted and banned if we cheat. However, they said the streaming will be reflected in the charts if the international users do not cheat. Also, they said they do block users who change IP address if they detect any danger or abnormality. It was confusing because all agents told me different things but one thing remains unchanged, they said, ☆ This service is based on domestic users ☆. Also, to purchase the streaming passes of Korean music sites, you need a Korean mobile phone number to verify your account. This is why it's difficult for the international fans to buy the streaming passes. This is also why this process might be considered as "cheating". However, there is no way for us to be sure what is legally reflected on the charts and what is considered cheating. We can't get a precise answer since there's always a limit. I believe we should focus streaming on other services that have higher possibilities rather than spending time on services we aren't sure. I hope international fans will focus on Spotify or Youtube (music video streaming) instead of major Korean music services which might not reflect your effort!

Translated by @Peachisoda

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