[Misc] 170118 Melon's Q&A

If you play the song after logging in your account properly from start (00:00) to the end of the song (eg: 03:23), regardless of listening to a playlist on repeat, one song on repeat, changing the streaming audio quality, playing on mute, re-logging in, or using the app overseas, your streaming will be reflected on the chart so you do not have to worry.
(However, if you have played the song you have downloaded, that will not be counted since you're playing the song that has been downloaded to your device so please note this. At times if international data connection causes an issue, we cannot check this at our end which means we're unable to help you. We hope you will understand.)
(T/N: the last paragraph is about music video chart)

Cr. Twitter

(T/N: The account who tweeted this said this isn't an official statement, it's from Melon's Q&A section)

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